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Help- torn pad on paw

We took the girls to the park today and after about an hour of running around i notice Heidi was laying aorund. I figured she was just tired becaucse she walked home okay.?

Now it's a few hours later and I noticed she is limping. We looked and one of the pads on her rear foot is torn. There is no blood, but it is clearly uncomfortable for her.

Is this an e-vet visit? Will this heal on it's own or does she need treatment? I don't like to see my puppy in pain


Re: Help- torn pad on paw

  • I don't think it's e-vet worthy, esp. if it's not bleeding, but I'd probably take her to the vet tomorrow to have them look at it. 

    We just had to deal with this on Friday when we noticed that our girl's right rear paw pad was torn.  The area was red and a little inflamed, but not bleeding, and she was definitely favoring the leg.  The vet put her on an antibiotic and anti-inflamatory. 

    Good luck, I'm sure she'll be feeling better in no time.

  • it's not at all red or inflamed, but it is clearly torn on the side. I just put some anitbiotic on it and put a sock on her foot, and she's so beat from all the running and probably uncomfortable feeling in her foot (she is clearly favoring the other) that she is just laying on the couch with us sleeping right now.?

    I won't be able to take her to the vet until tomorrow afternoon unless it is an emergency, so I'm planning to crate her for the day to keep her still.


  • From the blizzard we had in Feb. there is still a ton of salt/sand laying around and Gman has bloody inflamed feet (in between is toes). 

    We've been putting human neosporin with pain relief on them and limiting how much he runs around.  We still walked him (since we don't have a yard) and just washed his feet after each walk with mild soap and water followed with baby wipes.  We made sure everything was dry as a bone and then put neosporin on his "wounds."  After 3 days his feet looks so much better and he's not limping anymore on walks.  

    His were warn raw, not torn....but they look 100x better.

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