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Introducing Penny! PsIP

ejpumpkinejpumpkin member

We got her Friday night. Smile Chewie and her have hit it off so well! She is really doing great. She whines when we first put her in her crate for the night, but then she is ok.

She's just a peanut. She was in a litter of 4. The other 3 are all males and they weigh between 5 and 5.5 pounds. Penny weighs 3.5 pounds!!!! The foster mom cried when she handed her over and you could tell that Penny was so loved and cared for it just melted my heart. As the foster mom hugged me and starting crying she said, "She is so blessed that she was born into rescue and found you guys as her family. So blessed. I know you'll take good care of her". So then I started crying of course.

She is eating well and going potty outside most of the time. She has only had 3 accidents since Friday.

I am so proud of Chewie! Penny will nibble on her ear or start licking her belly or just being a pest of a little sister and Chewie just sits there and lets her. After awhile then Chewie starts to 'bite' Penny back and they play together, with Chewie being so gentle the whole time.

The only thing is that since last night she has diahrrea. Thankfully not inside though. We are hoping it's because of the stress of the move and the fact that we are introducing her to her new food. Right now she is on Hill's Science Diet Savory Chicken Canned Wet Puppy Food Sad. We are transitioning her to Innova Evo Red Meat Small Bites. If the diahrrea continues through tomorrow then we will bring her in, but for now it hasn't even been 24 hours so we are giving it some more time. She is drinking lots of water and when she's awake (she is a growing puppy that sleeps a lot Smile) she has lots of energy and plays so she isn't showing signs of being lethargic or anything.

Now on to what you really want - PICTURES! Big Smile





This is Chewie's favorite toy ever. We got it before we ever got Chewie and it has held up SO well. People can't believe it when they see it. It's a little stuffed animal Pug.



Can you see her sleeping back there on DH's legs?


Re: Introducing Penny! PsIP

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