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Alicia Keys announces her pregnancy and engagement

What are your feelings on this? She hooked a married man with 3 kids (by 3 different women). Why is marriage so meaningless to both the married ones and the ones outside the marriage? Has it always been this way or is the media just focusing on the negatives?

Are we really in the era where the other woman gets the man? I just feel that marriage is a commitment that whatever ups and downs, except for abuse, you're supposed to work at it. Am I misinformed? Perhaps living in a fantasy world?

Re: Alicia Keys announces her pregnancy and engagement

  • I have mixed feelings about this too...I really like her but she was inexcusably wrong on this one.
  • hearing this makes me sad, i thought she had more integrity and morals than this.
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  • Whitney Houston, take 2.
  • image JulieF:
    Whitney Houston, take 2.

    Let's pray not!

  • I thought she was with the same guy for quite some time.  Is that true? or is this a new guy?

    and do you think he is only asking her to marry him because she is pregnant? maybe he feels guilty or something? 

  • I think you can only really look at her as being the other woman 'getting' him if you think he was actually committed in his original marriage and not just superdating his wife while looking for the next woman to knock up and 'marry'. Given that he has 3 kids by 3 women, he sounds less like a marrier and more like a serial monogamist. I hope she's taken that realistically into account with a really strict prenup in which he gets nothing from her when it's inevitably over after he knocks up future wife #5.
  • Everyone is different and everyone's marriage is different. Some take it seriously and some don't. The only people that know the whole story are the ones in the relationship and even then there are still 3 sides  - his, hers and the truth. Lets not believe everything the media says. They don't have a side in the story.

    My only opinion about this situation is that I hope the child will have a good life and a lot of love. They're the only one that didn't have a choice.

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