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Am I crazy?

I'm beginning to think I am...

We moved to Texas so I could go to grad school.  Texas Women's University has one of the few part-time programs in the nation, so I can work full-time and go to school (its important to me to not have to take on any more student loan debt!!).  The plan was to live here for a year to gain residency and then start.  I got accepted, but didn't start when I had planned. Life got in the way-getting married, building a house and then having a baby.  I'm planning on starting this fall. 

Here's where I think I might be crazy...we're ttc #2.  Who knows how long it will take-it took 18 months the first time.  I don't want to put it off.  I'm really starting to wonder if I can handle working full-time, being pregnant, raising a toddler and going to school.  Usually, the busier I am, the more productive I am.  But I'm wondering if this is pushing it!?!?

And for what its worth, the first year, I would go to campus 7 saturdays, the second year is 4 saturdays and the last year is 1 full weekend.  Summers and everything else is online, except my clinical rotations. 


Re: Am I crazy?

  • A little bit.  :)  That is definitely a lot to tackle, but probably doable if you have a supportive husband w/ a fairly flexible schedule.  It seems like the amt of in class time isn't bad, it would just depend on how much out of class work was expected.  If you will have a couple of hrs worth of homework to do online every day, that would be quite the challenge. If it is more like a few hours a week and you can do them on the weekend when you don't work and when your dh is around, then i think it would be more manageable.

    To me it is the "raising a toddler" part that makes things tricky.  At one point I was pregnant, going to law school full time, working 20 hrs a week at the hospital and doing 2 research projects, so there was a lot on my plate.  Honestly though, the pregnancy didn't complicate things too badly - except for studying at night was a challenge since i was so tired.  I think having a little one at home would be extra difficult - but I have no doubt you can handle it!

    Best of luck!

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  • I agree with All-His, it is the raising a toddler that would get to me!  I too was pregnant, going to college full time and working full time!  Honestly, I was lucky I was put on bedrest for my the better part of my last term to actually get my hard senior projects overwith.  I think if the work load isn't horrible though maybe it is possible!
  • ss+elss+el member
    The attendance schedule sounds pretty manageable. My sister goes every other weekend, all day Saturday and Sunday, though her kids were 2 1/2 and 4 when she started, and it's been a little rough. She lost the support of her DH once the reality hit of how much of her time it would take up, so make sure yours is 100% on board.
  • It does sound like a lot to take on...I totally agree w/ PP and having a supportive spouse, makes all the difference in the world! I can't weigh in on the toddler/pregnancy/FT job/school combo, I can only attest to what it's like to work PT job and go to school FT for nursing, and it quite honestly at times it was a little much, but it's totally worth it to me. If you want it badly enough, and you are dedicated to pursuing this path, then nothing can stand in your way.  Whatever you decide, GL!
  • I agree about the toddler thing. For me, I feel maxed out working full time and trying to be a good mom to two kids. At the end of the day, whether the day was manageable or stressful usually hinges on my 2-year old's behavior, mood, neediness, etc. The rest is pretty predictable.


    Happy mom to two sweet, silly boys: Cohen age 4, AJ age 2.
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