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AW & Vent...PP Body

As of today,I only have 5lbs to loose to get to my prepregnancy body(granted-still need to lose another 10 after that). I have no idea how this happened (obviously bfing is helping!) but I was excited this morning and decided to celebrate with a little shopping. That was a huge body has changed so much! My hips are a bit wider and have a pooch of lose skin (which I hope will go away) but the worst part is these boobs. My boobs were actually decent prepregnancy, plus I wore a push-up bra all the time which helped. Today while shopping I couldn't find any tops that looked cute because my boobs are big, saggy and these stupid nursing bras do nothing for the figure! So, I'm hoping you ladies can help me. Is there such a thing as a push-up, no wire nursing bra? I would be willing to spend a little $$ on one just to help with my self-esteem. Or is that just wishful thinking?


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Re: AW & Vent...PP Body

  • Yay for only 5 pounds left, that is amazing :o)  You are well on your way! 

    I am sorry about your shopping trip!  I totally feel your pain.  I finally started losing weight again and I still have 5 to go, but I cannot fit into most of my pre-baby clothes because my hips are outrageous!  After I had Ella, 3 days later I went and bought a smaller pair of jeans because I had shrunk back instantly...Jovie is a different story!  My hips are just out of control.  The saggy tummy too, that takes a little while to disappear, I'm sorry.

    As for bras, if you find a miracle on that is semi-cute and doesn't let the 'girls' sag, I would love to hear about it!  So far no luck there either :-(

  • Wow!  That's awesome!  I 'magically' only lost the weight of the baby after delivery... I was hoping a little more would have dropped off too :) 

    I'm not any help with the rest but don't get too down on yourself.  You're making amazing progress already!  That rocks!


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  • Honestly, I'd give your boobs a bit more time to do their thing.  Mine changed in size so much the first few months that it would have been futile to buy a bunch of nice bras.  I did however, find some nice Medela nursing bras for a decent price at the Mercy hospital store, in their Women's Wing.  I think you delivered at Methodist, so I'm not sure if they have something similar, but at Mercy, there's a special shop there with just mother/baby stuff (pumps, etc) and they have a lot of nursing bras.  The one's I bought weren't sexy by any means, but they contained the beasts, and held them up a bit.  You might try there.  And congrats on the weight loss!  Sorry to say that the saggy tummy stays a bit, unless one is really into some sort of exercise.  I'm not.  I call it my William souvenir, and it comes in handy when I get kicked or punched in the tummy by said child.

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  • Wow!  Go you!  5 lbs to go is great!

    I will be completely honest and tell you that it took me 9 months to get back to wearing pre-preg pants.  My body changed a ton and now it seems to be back to a somewhat normal state.  It was super hard and depressing to buy bigger clothes (since that is all that fit and I wanted to hide my belly as much as possible), but I had nothing else to wear for the summer (or the fall for that matter...), so I sucked it up.  Buy what fits you now and makes you feel cute.  Then when your body starts to get back to normal, you can buy more new stuff :o)

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  • Erin probably has a good point. Let your milk production even out a little bit and then splurge on a nice bra. I haven't found a nice one yet either though, so if I don't want my gazongas hanging down to my waist I wear a regular bra and just flip it up when I nurse. It's not that much trouble actually.

    I need a bra for my saggy buns as well. That's my problem area. You'd think I carried the kid in my behind.  ;)

    Nobody said life would be easy. Just that it would be worth it.

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  • Yay for only 5 lbs! Breastfeeding is pretty amazing!

    As far shopping already, you're brave! Like the other ladies said, your body will keep changing a lot in the next several months, so I wouldn't spend too much money. I haven't found any great nursing bras. But I will probably start wearing some regular underwire bras soon, now that my supply is pretty regulated. I almost always wear a tight tank underneath all of my shirts, it helps pull the belly in a bit and gives the boobs a little extra support. (I wear the SO brand tanks from the Kohl's junior department.)

    After having Oli, I was at my goal weight (5 lbs less than pre-pregnancy weight) at 6 months, but my body kept changing even after that. (I was pretty happy with my body at 9 months, then got pregnant again!)

  • You are doing great Jess - 5 lbs left is amazing!!  My weight came off pretty quickly (but not that quickly I don't think), but it took a while to regain my shape.  Honestly, my boobs never did look the same again. :(  I'd just give yourself a little longer to be comfortable and not worry about shopping right now.  After a couple of months I bet you have regained most of your shape and muscle tone and shopping will be much more enjoyable again.
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  • 17 months later, things still fit differently. My hips are wider, my boobs are smaller.

    You're doing great!! It took me forever to lose the weight. My stomach is still flabby, I need to workout...

  • You're lucky! Bowen is almost 9 months old and I still have 9-11 pounds to lose (depends on the day).
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  • Good for you Jess! As for bra recommendations, I hated nursing bras so I just bought regular bras to accomodate my new boobs and flipped the bra up out of the way when I nursed. Worked fine for me and having a normal cute bra made me feel sexier too.
  • That's great that you only have 5 more lbs to lose!!  It took me like 6 months to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but I lost 80% of it by 3 months-gotta love breastfeeding! :)  Now one year out, I have to say that my body is a little different...I've always had a flat stomach and that's probably the last place my weight goes...but my stomach is definitely not what it used to be.  However, I'm actually pretty happy w/ my body overall, I think you just have to give a little more time :) (oh and in my case I never worked out or anything other than taking some walks, so if you do work out, then I'm sure you'll get your body back even sooner!).

    As far as bras go, nursing bras SUCK at giving you any shape or lift.  My boobs only got to a C so they worked alright for me, but if I wanted to wear like a tighter shirt or lower cut shirt I've had GREAT luck w/ VS wireless bras.  I got mine at our local store and they are really comfortable and not very padded and really gives good life and cleavage too :) 

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  • Oh and I also want to add that I would really recommend NOT wearing bras w/ underwire at least until your supply has regulated.  I've just heard so many people say that that led to clogged ducts and such and coming from someone that has experienced this a ton in the first few months, it is NOT fun.  I know everyone is different and some people wear underwire the whole time nursing w/ no problems, but it's hard to tell this early on if you'll have any issues w/ it, so I would just avoid it for now :)
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  • You just had a baby-give yourself a little more credit about what your body looks like!!!  Its amazing that you've lost all but 5lbs! You need to give your body time to get back to normal.  your ta-ta size will regulate and you won't look like you have porn star boobs forever!  Wink


  • I think you are doing great! 5 pounds to go is AMAZING! I was far from that at two weeks post partum! Like previous posters said, even when I got back to pre pregnancy weight my clothes still fit differently because my body had changed. Give yourself some time to adjust- and remember you are doing great!
    ~Melissa and Jeff- July 7, 2007


  • Wahoo! Only 5 lbs left to go! I hope my weight continues to fly off as fast as yours - you are one lucky lady!

     I have no bra advice...but can commiserate with you.  :) My milk came in Tuesday and my boobs are seriously huge, hard, and yucky!  Everyone keeps telling me it gets better and your boobs will take on a better shape as time goes on, so hang in there!

  • I agree nursing bras suck. With my first baby I decided to forgo the whole nursing bra thing and I just found regular bras with un-molded cups that I could pull down easily. With my second baby I went on a hunt for really great nursing bras. This time function kind of just got in the way of fashion because they aren't exactly beautiful or sexy. I don't care though because they are comfortable and they hold my boobs up very nicely :) Although I do like them because they are just basic nursing bras. None of the nasty scratchy lace crap or othere "decoration" that they think new moms would like.

    I went to a million different places and tried stuff on and I ended up just ordering a ton of different styles and as few different sizes from JC Penney's. This was so I could try them on at home and at different times of the day (because your boobs are all different sizes during the day while nursing) and I just picked the one that worked the best and returned the rest to the store.

     Good luck! 

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