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Mrs. Reem

Hi! I wanted to ask you a few questions about your experience with Prevacid. You mentioned that it was strawberry flavored and that it dissolved in water. Did your girls actually take it willingly, or was it still something you had to coax them to take? Did you put the water/solution in a bottle or syringe? Do you happen to know if it is still in the same "family" of drugs as prilosec? Luke is still having an AWFUL time with the prilosec. We have even split the dose up as suggested by the nurse and are giving it twice a day and he still gags horribly and sometimes throws it all up afterwards. I am trying to decide if I should press the dr. to switch meds, but I was unsure if you thought he would have similar problems getting the prevacid down or if llittle ones actually seem to like it. Thanks so much!

Re: Mrs. Reem

  • *butting in*

    Gretta LOVED prevacid - it was like her gateway drug to candy addiction.  Honestly though, she has always been good w/ medicine, so it would be good to have other's experiences too.  The difference between prevacid and other meds, though, is that it is such a small amt and it is totally liquid, not thick at all.  In the beginning we were trying to dissolve it in too much water (5 mls, or most of a syringe), and it made it hard to be sure that all the granuals were eaten.  Then we moved to just using 2-3 mls and continuing to rotate the syringe while we very slowly squeezed it into her mouth.  It was never an issue w/ her willingness to swallow, it was just us trying to figure out how to make sure she got the full amt of the dissolved granuals.

    I'd have to ask adam to pull up his pharm book to know if it is in the same family as prilosec for sure. I know it does the same thing, it is just a higher class of drug.  Adam prefers prevacid personally b/c he has seen better results.  However, he often will start babies on prilosec or zantac b/c they are cheaper and, therefore, insurance companies will not cover prevacid until after they have tried and failed. If you aren't having any luck w/ prilosec, however, I would imagine your Dr. could document this in the chart and prescribe prevacid and it should be covered.

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  • ss+elss+el member

    butting in too

    Nicholas took Prevacid for a couple of months as an infant and I swear the results were magical! He loved the taste of it. It's a very subtle strawberry too, not like the heavy flavor of infants' pain meds. We put the tablet in a syringe (it comes with an appropriately sized one) and then sucked the water into it. If your insurance doesn't cover it, it can be kind of pricey, so if they switch you, ask for samples to get you started!

  • *butting in* oliver has no problems taking the prevacid.  he seems to really like the strawberry flavored taste.  i mix water & the solutab in a syringe and then i give it to him while he is laying on his back and i just pop his pacificer in his mouth afterwards to be sure he swallows most of the medicine.  i would highly recommend giving it a try.  good luck!
  • I guess I don't have anything to add. Everyone else spoke for me.

    Just don't add it to a bottle. It's best given 1/2 hr before or after a meal.

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