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Back to school party, how does this sound?

Yes, I realize it's only the beginning of summer, but I want to start planning a back to school party for my kids and the other kids in our family, plus a few friends. Four of them are starting kindergarten this year so it's kind of a special year for our family. We would have the party on the deck with the pool as the main entertainment, but I also want to have some other "school" themed games. I've thought of having things like erasers, paper clips, etc. in jars and letting them guess how many are inside, having a coloring contest, maybe making something for their teacher (need help here), etc. I am planning to make garlands from looped construction paper, use plastic megaphones in school colors as vases for daises on the tables, and scatter some crayons around the food dishes. Add a few balloons in school colors and be done with decor. I have several plastic trays that I could use for the kids plates, so it would be kind of like eating lunch in the cafeteria. I would also give them brown lunch bags filled with small school supplies like pencils, erasers, stickers, and the like as favors. I also want to have a candy buffet. I have a friend who will make a school bus shaped cake with a replica of each kid in the windows. I thought about making t-shirts for each kid using iron-ons that I print from the computer. Is this cheesy?

For food, I was planning on having mac and cheese lollipops, fruit and dip, veggies and dip, chips, and "kiddie kabobs" which have a pizza roll, hot dog slice, cheese cube, and a chicken nugget on them. For the adults, I would have BBQ sandwiches and potato salad shots. And of course, lemonade and other drinks.

What do ya'll think?

Re: Back to school party, how does this sound?

  • The party sounds really cute.  I have to say the kiddie kabob sounds disgusting though.  I'd probably just pick one or two of those things and put them on a platter.  What's a potato salad shot?

  • Cute idea!  I agree with that kiddie kabob and not sure how the parents would feel about all that junk on there.

    Oriental trading just sent out their crafts catalog, it has a lot of cute things in there!  I am sure you could find a craft project in there for the kids to do for their teachers.

  • Very cute and fun!  I am in agreement with the kabobs and even the mac 'n' cheese lollipops sound weird to me!  Why donn't you just do fruit/dip, veggies/dip, crackers/cheese, pizza rolls for apps....BBQ sandwiches, chicken nuggets, mac 'n' cheese and potato salad for the meal?
  • Thanks ya'll! The kiddie kabobs are a family thing. They were invented by these kids a couple of Christmases ago. We had all those things on platters and they grabbed some toothpicks and started making these. It stuck, so that is why I put them on the menu. They'll eat anything dipped in ketchup or mustard. I should have specified on that one.

    Potato salad shots are shot glasses with a lettuce leaf stuffed inside, then topped with potato salad, and garnished with a dill sprig and paprika. MIL saw these in a magazine and made them last 4th of July and they were well received.

    I will be sure and check out Oriental Trading. I love that book.

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