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Monday Morning

Another weekend has gone by. How was your weekend? What did you do?

Re: Monday Morning

  • On Friday I went to bed at 6pm and slept though the night, so not much done there.

    Saturday I woke up and got right to painting. I managed to clean the walls, tape, tarp, and paint the primer of our master hallway before DH woke up and wanted to hang out. We decided to check something else of our list so we went and had coffee at a coffee shop. We didn't realize how hard it would be for us to sit and drink the coffee. We kept trying to leave and take it with us until one of us would remember the whole point was to sit and relax. So, we are working on that. Smile After coffee, we went to Home Goods and ended up with a lamp and cooler. The lamp needs a new shade but the base is white with the plantation shutter look (which I love) and the cooler looks like a wooden chest. We came home and made some dinner, then it was back to painting for me for the rest of the night.

    Sunday was more painting. I managed to make it through the 1st coat of color, but have one more coat left for next weekend. I wanted to get it done, but what can you do? In the afternoon we headed to San Diego to hang out with family. DH went golfing and  I went shopping, then everyone met back up for a barbecue. Overall, an excellent weekend!

  • Good Morning! I'm so sleepy. I stayed up way too late reading Angels and Demons last night. But I couldn't put it down! We had a lazy weekend. Went out for drinks Friday night, nothing on Saturday and some shopping and cleaning on Sunday. I looooove lazy weekends :)

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  • Those are the best!  I hear you about being sleepy. I am still trying to gear myself up to go and I have 15 minutes left. Coffee and the nest is about my level right now.
  • Good Morning.

    Friday I can't remember what I did.  I took a nap when I got home and I think that was it.

    Saturday I had to take my car in to get the brakes done.  After that we took a trip to the Brea Mall and to Staples to get some ink for our printer, then we went out to dinner, picked up a couple movies and picked up some Coldstone and went home.

    Yesterday we cleaned the house and I started on the laundry.  Then DH and I headed to Disneyland for the evening.  It was really nice, not crowded at all.  The waits for the rides were no longer than 15 minutes, with the exception of Space Mountain and Indiana Jones so we didn't ride those.  We stayed for the fireworks and then headed home.  I got into bed at about 11:30 so I'm pretty sleepy. 

    Tonight I'm going grocery shopping and I will probably watch the 24 series finale and that is about it.

  • Friday night I had dinner with the IL's and MIL and I did laps at the mall. Saturday- I slept in, worked on Ivy's room for awhile, played online, spoke with my parents, took a nap. Sunday- church and lunch with the IL's. Spent the rest of the day doing nothing and just watched tv.

    Then last evening, reality sank in and I realized that OMG Ivy is going to be here soon. I keep thinking we have tons of time but really we don't!

    And Dh gets home today so I am excited about that.

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  • Diana-What coffee shop did you go to? Can't wait to see pics of all your hard work Katt-Lazy weekends are the BEST Brandi-Yey for disneyland. I am super excited cause my family just planned an impromptu trip to disneyland, well it's still 5 weeks away but for my family that is impromptu Robyn-wait till you get to those last couple weeks-they seem to take forever. Especially when you past your EDD Fri- I can't remember but pretty sure we just stayed in. Sat- We met my parents &bro in Irvine. They took the kids to a pow wow at UCI. Dh &I went to the spec,got our outfits for our next photo session. Got the kids new pjs since they grew out of their other sets. Than we hit ikea-just got some few things. The last time we went we got the kids some dishes and utensils that we really liked so we wanted to get more, so bummed they didn't have them. But they are still online so maybe we will try another Ikea. Sun-I got my haircut and Dh took the kids to visit his parents, I met them there after. Than J & I hit target and michaels-so excited the new Duff line had the exact embossing patterns I had been looking for.
  • Morning!

    Friday night BIL and SIL came over. It was really nice hanging out with them, we don't do it enough.

    Saturday ran some errands and watched Sherlock Holmes.

    Yesterday made a trip to SuperTarget. We got a 1TB external HD - more than enough room for a while I'd say! we also got L a water table, he loves it and it doesn't even have water in it yet ;) I got some much needed scrapbooking done and A reinstalled windows on our computer. It's running muc better now!

  • Robyn - I cant even imagine how excited you must be to meet miss ivy

    This weekend sucked...plain and simple. I'm glad its over since I can try and put it behind me but I'm not happy about it being Monday. Here's hoping this week goes by fast since next weekend will be a long weekend. 

    Today I'm leaving worked early to drop off my old car at the collision center so the appraiser from the insurance can check it out tomorrow. 

  • I am sooo tired after this weekend.  We had a bunch of girls (aunts/cousins) over for a bachelorette party weekend.  It was nice to hand out with the ladies and catch up.  Saturday we went to Glen Ivy, which was cool.  It would have been better had it not been cold most of the day.  Had dinner then hung out at my house again.  Yesterday I totally relaxed...or tried.  I slept when L napped which helped, but it's so hard to recoup after drinking.  I don't feel like I can hang anymore.  Especially when I have to have energy to keep up with a 7 month old.  Last night went to Target and bought some stuff for the house and L.  Had dinner then watched Holmes on Homes until I fell asleep.

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  • image katdcliff:
    Diana-What coffee shop did you go to? Can't wait to see pics of all your hard work

    It ended up being a Starbukcs because we couldn't find one driving around. Still works, but not quite what we had expected.

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