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I feel sorry for the census-takers

Can you imagine them going door to door having to ask the questions Muse has been puttting in these polls.  If we are anywhere near an accurate sample of the population those people then those people are not paid enough to ask simple questions to the masses Stick out tongue

Re: I feel sorry for the census-takers

  • Add to it that there are a bunch of idiots actually taking the census. 

    We've had the same census taker in our office (real estate) 3 times in the last week asking us to give her the # of occupants in houses that we know nothing about. They're not for sale now, haven't sold in the past 5 years...why would we know? (Nevermind the fact that we wouldn't/couldn't give information even if we did know.)

    One of the said people in question is a doctor who lives in a gated area. So far, the census taker's strategy has been to 1. observe when his t.v. is on and try to call his home and 2. call his office and pester reception for the names and ages of everyone in his household. Because yes, they're going to tell you that and no, they won't think you're an insane kidnapper or identity thief.

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  • The census guy kept knocking on the door across from us, and no one has lived there for about a year now.  (We live in apartment style condos.)  I kept taking the flyer down, I tried calling him twice but he never answered.  I have taken about 6 flyers now. Finally my husband caught the guy yesterday and told him no one lives there, so the census guy started asking my husband the questions!  I told him that we sent in our forms, so we probably just skewed the results!
  • We had one come to our door today to ask about a neighbor.  She splits her time between two residences, so, she isn't around much.  
  • They asked MH this weekend if he would answer by proxy for our neighbor and he said no. I told my neighbor on Monday and she was pissed they asked us!

  • I can assure you that while many are idiots, all are only doing their job and everything listed above is per protocol.  They MUST turn in every single form completed and have to do anything possible to get the info.  That's just how it goes.

    Do you think it's fun asking irritated, rude people personal questions about their neighbors/clients?  Nope.

  • I don't know. My BIL baby's mama (who is 34, lives with her mom and stepdad and hasn't worked in 5+ years bc she just doesn't "feel like it") gets paid about $17/hour. Me thinks thats a pretty sweet gig. Lilypie Pregnancy tickers Lilypie Second Birthday tickers image
  • image laurenbncha#:

    Do you think it's fun asking irritated, rude people personal questions about their neighbors/clients?  Nope.

    Esp. when the simple questions seem to be so!

  • I think a lot of census workers this year are people who have been out of work due to the economy.  I know 2 census workers and they have Masters degrees, but haven't been able to find jobs elsewhere.

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