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New here...just got a new dog

Hi everyone. I just got a new dog from a shelter last Friday. His name is Nelson. He's the best dog ever -- and I love him so much already. He has a bit of separation anxiety, but other than that, he's a sweetie and quite the lover. My cats are quite scared of him, unnecessarily because he completely ignores them. This is a new adventure for DH and me before we have kids. Just thought I would introduce myself. OSULori suggested I drop in. Hopefully my signature worked out and you can see him (and the kitties).

Re: New here...just got a new dog

  • Yes Love the pic of the kitties!
    image Sisterly Love
  • He's cute!  It took my cats 6 months to be really comfortable with my dog even though he also completely ignored them. He doesn't ignore them anymore, but now they don't really care.
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  • Welcome!  Nelson, Ani, and Zoe are all very cute.  I am particularly in love with Nelson's ears.  Smile
  • welcome! He's a cutie :) And I love the pictures of the kitties snuggling :)
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  • He's cute!  How old is he?  Is this the first dog you've ever owned?  You will find a lot of help on this board~congrats!
  • My cats had previously lived with a dog and it only took 2 weeks or so for them to get used to our new dog. Hopefully it will be a smooth transition for you also. Congrats on the new addition and welcome!!!
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  • image 2bmissusb:
      I am particularly in love with Nelson's ears.  Smile
    We love his ears too! They are hilarious! One sticks straight out while the other just flips over.
  • image MrsFSU*92:
    How old is he?  Is this the first dog you've ever owned?
    Nelson is about 1.5 - 2 years per his teeth. The shelter says 1.5 and the vet says he thinks he is definitely no older than 2 years. I grew up with a beagle. Then in college, while on a break, I surprised my parents with a lab puppy and then after 4 days went back to school. They had that dog (which was also my dog) for about 8 years maybe. She got very sick a couple years ago. Sad This is the first dog that is all mine and that I REALLY have to take care of by myself (with the help of my husband). My husband; however, is a pilot so he is gone a lot.
  • Hi! They're all very cute :)
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  • He's a cutie!
  • What a precious!

    The SA will subside in a few weeks. He's just insecure right now and doesn't know what his routine is and when to expect you home. It usually takes about 2 weeks for my fosters to get into the groove! Congrats!

  • Congratulations!  Nelson is quite handsome.  Thank you for adopting.

    The SA should be temporary while he gets used to his surroundings.  Check out the FAQ in the green box at the top of the board for lots of helpful tips on food, SA, crate training and more.

    I would start following NILIF (you'll also find that in the FAQ or you can google it).  Very helpful. 


  • Nelson is such a cute mutt...I LOVE MUTTS! I love the way Nelson's one ear is folded over. Congrats and thank you for rescuing!!!! The ladies on this board are so helpful when it comes to training / offering helpful solutions.
    You will forever be my best friend. I can almost feel our hugs. I will ensure everyone will know (now and in the future) what a genuine, kind, loving person you were...I already miss your laughter and our daily conversations. I love you, Samantha. May 20, 1983- February 20, 2012
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