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Fargo, ND

Hey!  Is anyone here from the Fargo, ND area?  I am looking to join a mom's group or something similar.  It would be so nice to make some new friends and talk with other women.  TIA

Re: Fargo, ND

  • I saw your post on the Bump.  This is going to sound a little strange but this board has been taken over by Destination Wedding brides.  We were all on The Knot together and The Nest/Bump didn't have a place for us.  Nobody was using it so we took over.  We do have one resident NDer and hopefully she'll stop in.  There's a ND board somewhere else and she'll post the link for you.  Feel free to stick around, we just won't be much help with anything local!
  • When I first saw the ND board and saw all of the people posting I was SO excited.  Then I realized no one was from ND, haha.  It's worth a shot I guess.  Sooner or later I'll get a break through.  Thanks though Smile
  • Hope you are still around & checking here....our resident NDer is currently on bedrest so I don't know if she'll be able to get back to you soon but as pp mentioned there is some sort of google group that the ND folks actually use.  I hope Janelle does see this & is able to direct you there!

    GL--BTW, have you looked into (not sure how big that is in ND) for a potential group?

  • I'm the token NoDaker.  Well the google group hasn't had a post since March 16th, so its really not active.  But here's the link:  ""

    Meetup isn't big in ND.  Most people will join those Mom groups if you look in the forum or there are activities at the library.  I also had a fabulous group of belly dancers that I worked out with once a week that I started through the Moorhead community ed...I would think they would have groups too.  The other thing is church is big for getting to know other moms too.  Feel free to page or personal message me.  My Mum lives in Fargo so I visit often enough though I live in Bismarck.

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