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Hair help

Hey ladies.  Since Dh and I moved here 1.5 yrs ago, I have been to 5 different ppl and still cannot find a.single.person who can cut hair worth a darn.!!  I have been to Regis at Cottonwood and they jacked up my hair so bad, I had to have it all cut off.  Went to Mark Pardo and they did horrible on the color.  They aslo did not cut it the way I asked but the way they wanted it.  Then I went to LaBella and found a GREAT girl but she had a baby and wont be coming back.  I have tried 2 more ppl at LaBella and last timeI was there, they had to cut my hair to my ears because they messed it up so darn bad.

PLEASE help me find someone who can cut hair and do a good job on foil.  Who do ya'll go to?  I do not care about cost.. just about a good haircut. 

Jen :)

Re: Hair help

  • I've been going to Shelley Chase, she is in Los Alamos Tue-Fri and in Rio Rancho on Sat, I don't know what her Rio Rancho studio is called, but I can find out if you want to try it. I think she does a nice job of cutting hair, I've never had highlights though.
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  • I know you said you've had a bad experience w/Mark Pardo, but I found the most amazing stylist there.  His name is Paul and he's at the Juan Tabo location.  I've had the same horror story you've had for a few years fact I ended up with short hair because of a botched haircut (it ended up working for me and now I love my hair short...but I'm guessing that's not what you want).  I found Paul by accident by just taking the first available appt at any Mark Pardo location and it ended up being a VERY good experience.  He is a little pricey though...I was a little shocked when I went to check out, but definitely worth every penny.
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  • Me and almost everyone I know goes to this women who cuts hair from her that might be weird for you to go to her! But she's awesome.
    If you're willing to come into Rio Rancho there's a place called HairRazors and everyone I know that doesn't go to my friend Kerry goes to this place to see Nolberto. I used to go there for YEARS and his brother Renee cut my hair. Sadly, Renee passed away about a year ago. But Nolberto is just as good (if not better) then Renee. The phone number is 892-3909 if you want to check them out! Let me know if you have any questions :o)

  • THANK YOU!!!


    Glad to hear (kinda) that I am not the only one having a hard time finding a person to cut my hair.

    I live on the Westside so M.P. on Jaun Tabo is kinda far :(  BUUUTTT I am close to Rio Rancho!!!  Would you find telling me where in R.R. they are located?

    Mrs.Bowen- Thats what I did in Florida.  Someone cut my hair out of her house (after the had a child and closed her salon) and she was awesome.  I didnt pay much for the cut or color because she did not have any overhead.  Now, I am willing to pay whatever to have my hair looking as good as it used to.  It has been almost 2 years since I have had a decent cut.  Dont get me started on the color.  I will call him this week to make an appt.  Again, thanks ladies.. I know I could count on ya!!


  • excuse all the typos please:)
  • LOL, I live on the westside too and treck across town to go get my haircut.  When it was long it wasn't such a big deal...almost anyone could trim and layer it...but w/short hair I really need to find someone who knows what they're doing otherwise it looks terrible.  I'm not sure if your question was directed to me, but just incase, there isn't a MP in Rio Rancho...the nearest one would be Coors and Ellison.
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  • Jen, no problem! His salon is on the corner of Unser and Southern...cady corner from the new Wal-Mart. Do you know that area?

    I promise you won't be disappointed if you go to him!
  • Duffinger-  I hear ya.  I had long hair until the ppl from hell got a hold of my head!  But no, I was directing my question to Mrs. Bowen.  I went to the M.P on Coors and that is where they got the cut wrong.  Even went to the M.P. in Cottonwood and that where they got the color BAD.  She was telling me about a place in Rio Rancho :)  Besides, I am not a big Aveda Fan.  Dh isnt a LaBella fan because I always want a massage when I go :)

    Mrs Bowen-  Yup very familiar.  I live in Ventana Ranch West and DH and I go to the Chili's on Unser and Southern a lot.  If we need to go to Walmart, we always try to go to the one there also.. much cleaner and nicer for Walmart standards anyways :)  That is just as far as going to the mall for me. 

    Anyways ladies.. ya'll rock!  Thank you again.
  • Oh and Duffinger, I went back and read my reply and I see how I made it confusing.  Sorry about that.. thinking too fast and typing too slow I guess  :)
  • LOL it's okay.  I figured it was directed towards someone else, but thought I'd answer anyway just in case.  Didn't want you to think Geez, that girl is flarking rude!  :)
    Damn you Nest for screwing up my siggy!

    .: Diary of a Recovering Runner :.

  • Hahaha, no, I did not think you were being rude.  Far from it actually... I think you ladies are wonderful for actually answering my questions:)
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