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A confession

I am uber scared to start packing up the apartment. :-(

We close in about 3.5 weeks. But I totally had a nightmare that I wasn't closing on time. (which actually COULD happen due to some personal and time sensitive issues).

I'm afraid that if I start packing I am totally jinxing myself and we WONT close in time.


Re: A confession

  • I'm sure everything will be fine...and you don't want to be scrambling to pack the couple of days before you close!  Get started, girlfriend!
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  • Oh my - It takes me forever to pack.  Mostly because I hate it and am a total slacker about it. 

    I don't think you will jinx yourself - you'll just be prepared!

  • Girl, I totally know where you're coming from!

     We closed on our house Wednesday....luckily we have a month before the lease is up on the rental house, but I haven't packed a damn thing. I didn't want to jinx it either.  

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  • Don't build yourself a self-fulfilling prophecy!  Tell that dream to go back where it came from and get to those boxes!  We'll all be ridiculously proud of you when it's done and you're closed on time. 

    On the other hand, I completely understand.  When I packed our house in Fort Wayne we didn't end up getting our moving orders for another two months... I felt like I had completely ruined our lives because we were living for so long out of suitcases!  

    In the end I realized it was all one big adventure and whenever we have minions it will make for a good story.  Good luck!

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  • Just moved to Albuquerque 2 weeks ago from Phoenix....all of our stuff is in storage and our new home is the Extended Stay until we close on our house in 3 weeks.  Living out of a suit case sure is LAME! 
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