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Anybody gone WWOOF'ing, and airline help

Hey there! I haven't posted on this board in, oh, YEARS, but I recall you being a pretty dang helpful bunch.

DH and I have talked about taking a family WWOOF vacation (me, DH, and DD- currently 28mos), and it just so happens that we have somewhere from $1000-$1300 in credit on Continental due to a trip next month being cancelled. Any tips from previous WWOOFers?

We're not tied to any particular area, except that it needs to be somewhere that we can fly on Continental (from Houston/Austin/San Antonio, doesn't really matter) for ~$350pp. I speak a bit of French and DH speaks a bit of Spanish (DD is getting the hang of English still ;), but I don't want that to limit where we go.

Our dates are totally flexible, except we don't want to go in October. 

The airline issue I'm having is finding places that Continental flies out of my area in that price range. Is there a website or something that I can put in where we want to leave from along with our price range and airline, and have it come back with options? Cause that's totally what I need!


Re: Anybody gone WWOOF'ing, and airline help

  • What the heck is a WWOOF? I have no idea!!


    It's World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms- working vacations! You work for several hours a day on an organic farm in exchange for room and board. They don't pay you, you don't pay them (although there are some locations that charge you a few dollars a day, presumably in exchange for fewer hours worked, use of a car, nicer accommodations, etc). We're working on putting together our own organic farm commune, so this is perfect for us. Totally different from our usual "luxury" type vacation, but I'm really excited about the possibilities!

  • This is interesting... Do you have to have experience in agriculture or knowledge of organic farming at all?  I've never even had a garden, but I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty.  I would so do this!
  • Not really, lol. I grew up gardening with my grandparents and my mom, and I have an organic garden at home now but nothing larger scale than that. They pretty much teach you what you need to know, and there are other jobs that need to be done as well. Each farm lists what their needs are- sometimes farming, sometimes weeding, cooking, cleaning, building, animal care, etc.

    They aren't all exactly farms either, I know of at least one that is a permaculture training center being built.


    I really want to do it for a couple reasons-

    1) I want to learn more about how an organic farm works. I know a week isn't really enough, but DH and I still have jobs, so....

    2) I want to experience a completely different way of life than the one I currently have living on the outskirts of a medium large city. 

    3) I want DD to experience other cultures and see that not everybody lives the posh life she does. I want her to see that children can work and contribute as well as adults, even at a very young age. I have cousins that live in a cult (honest to goodness), and their little ones are all within a year of DD's age and they do all the firewood collecting and setting up of the fire. They're toddlers, and I thin that's awesome! DD helps with our garden, but there isn't a lot of real "work" to be done, you know?

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