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Food poll

Let's do a food poll.  Everyone likes those right!  Answer each category with whether you'd rather dine in or out. If you'd rather dine out what is your favorite restaurant.










Re: Food poll

  • Italian - in unless it's alfredo sauce

    Mexican - in unless were going to Burrito Gallery or La Nopalera

    Chinese - in - we got a wok for our wedding, I'm getting pretty good at it.

    Japanese - Daruma

    Indian - Never tried it.  I'm afraid!

    Pizza - Als Pizza

    Sandwiches - in

    Salads - in

    Steak - in if DH grills them good.  He's getting better.  But Longhorn is my favorite.

  • Italian-  Unfortunately, Dh is allergic to spaghetti so i don't cook any italian foods


    Mexican- Out/in! Out usually at a restaurant in tally named On The Border (but it's usually rare..when i'm having a craving) but we make alot of tacos at home.

    Chinese- In

    Japanese- Don't eat

    Indian- Have never tried

    Pizza- Out mainly papa johns (rare)

    Sandwiches- In

    Salads- In...I make a mean salad.LOL.

    Steak- Out mainly at outback but we have a delivery service in tally name char-broiled grill and it is really awesome especially when you don't feel like getting dressed to go anywhere! (very rare)


    Btw- I have a really weak stomach so i generally cook every night b/c anytime that we eat out i think of all of the BAD possibles that can happen in a kitchen and around the food.LOL. I didn't even eat lunch in school b/c of thisBig Smile 

  • Italian: In! I make the best alfredo!!!

    Mexican: we dont eat Mexican. mainly because I dont like it lol but IN i suppose when we make tacos! lol

    Chinese: hmm...we dont really like Chinese. we love Japanese!

    Japanese: BOTH!!! I make the best! and we LOOOOVE japanese! so we eat it all the time! yummm crunchy tuna rolls!!

    Indian: ehh. hahaha

    Pizza: OUTTTT. well I guess when they deliver it would be IN? lol

    Sandwiches: IN at my grandmothers house! :) hahaha she makes the best sandwiches

    Salads: out to CHIC FIL A! those yummy fruit and granola salads!

    Steak: hmm IN when the hubby cooks it. or when we're out LONGHORN.



  • Italian: In, but if out, love Russo's.

    Mexican: Out, but haven't found too many good Mexican places in Jax yet.  So far our favorite is Acapulco's in St. Augustine.

    Chinese: Out, PF Chang's.

    Japanese: Out, but haven't found a place yet.

    Indian: Not a fan...

    Pizza: Out, Mellow Mushroom.

    Sandwiches: In....salami, salami, bologna.

    Steak: In, we love to grill at home, but if going out, we like Longhorn's too.

  • Sorry I'm late with this one! ?We just got back into town & I'm playing catch up.


    Italian - Out, but haven't found a good place in Pensacola yet

    ?Mexican - In, we constantly have taco salad night! ?We also have homemade quesadillas, enchiladas, and tamales pretty regularly.?

    ?Chinese - Out, I'm not a big fan but my DH likes Hunan.

    ?Japanese - Out, Nobusei

    Indian - none! ?ugh!

    Pizza - Out, Dominos?

    Sandwiches - In, I make a mean chicken salad sandwich

    Salads - In or Out, if we go out for salad we either do Olive Garden & get the all you can each salad & soup for lunch or we do the salad bar at Ruby Tuesday. ?

    Steaks - ?In, my DH & my father-in-law make really great steaks! ?

  • Sorry, I'm late on this one!

    Answer each category with whether you'd rather dine in or out. If you'd rather dine out what is your favorite restaurant.

     Italian - out; Vitos

    Mexican - out; Latino Grill (more Columbian) or La Nop

    Chinese - out; Jade's Bistro

    Japanese - out; Sakura

    Indian - neither

    Pizza - either homemade or Chicago Pizza

    Sandwiches - in, easy enough to make

    Salads - out; Ruby Tuesday salad bar

    Steak - out; Ruth's Chris, Plaza III Steakhouse

    Mungee and Me
    How is it that my BABY is going to be 3?

    BFP-2/25/11; 8 Wk U/S-3/25/11-No HB, measured 6.5 wks; D&C
  • It looks like the consensus is that none of us likes Indian food!
    Mungee and Me
    How is it that my BABY is going to be 3?

    BFP-2/25/11; 8 Wk U/S-3/25/11-No HB, measured 6.5 wks; D&C
  • I dont know if this is Indian but i LOOOVE Morrocan food!!! lol Indian is great if you love curry :)
  • Italian- out, I know it's not "real" italian but I love me some Olive Garden!

    Mexican- in, I'd rather make my own tacos and I don't enjoy "real" mexican refried beans, they usually make them too runny for my taste

    Chinese- out, there's a place in the mall I work in that has the best!

    Japanese- I don't enjoy japanese food or I've just never really tried it

    Indian- again.. never really tried it, my area isn't that diverse in it's restaurant offerings

    Pizza- out, we have a local place, Ozone Pizza that's awesome and it's housed in an old hospital, lots of character!

    Sandwiches- out, I love the veggie sub at Firehouse!

    Salads- out, Chili's makes my favorite caesar

    Steak- none, I don't eat meat, just fish occasionally

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