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mommy-n-me... last try...

okay since i have received ZERO response on the yahoo group about anything i am going to try one more thing...

what if each mom took turns planning an outing? that way at least one outing would be on their schedule in their area??? and then whoever can come shows up??? my BF tried to start a mommy-n-me group last year and said it was almost impossible but i wanted to prove her wrong... apparently i am the one that has a lesson to learn... it is REALLY hard!

if i don't get any response this time i will disolve the yahoo group and stick to getting on theknot when i can for adult contact! :-(

Re: mommy-n-me... last try...

  • If it's just adult interaction that you're looking for, you are always welcome to join the "regular" GTG. We're hoping to meet about once a month (most likely a weekday evening). So far, we've done dinner twice, and we've had a really good time getting to know one another (and vent about our DHs). We would love to have you join us!
  • Hey Emily!  I just saw the yahoo thing this afternoon when we got back from storytime!  Sorry!  I think your idea is good.  Either that or pick a day (like the first whatever day of the month) and make that the GTG day.  I was thinking about going to the zoo at a GTG too...or maybe a park since it is getting nicer out...
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  • I think the yahoo group is great.  I am working up until the baby is born, so weekdays are out for me for right now, which is why I haven't responded before.  I am getting pretty huge and uncomfortable now too, but this summer once he is big enough to get out and about I will definitely be up for getting together.  Thanks for being in charge of trying to get everyone together, Emily.  Sorry it's proving so hard to actually make it happen!
  • Critti710, you took the words right out of my mouth!
  • Sorry, I don't think I'm on the yahoo group, even though I attempted to be...I don't think I know the process of joining. 

    Anyway, I'd love to have a GTG.  The last one was really fun.  The zoo sounds great since the weather's getting nicer.  There's also the Little River Zoo in Norman.  I've never been, but I've heard it's really fun.
  • Ugh, I didn't get the email. Ok, i'm totally game for a GTG since I couldn't be there last time (OOT). So, what'll it be? The zoo on a pretty day? What about another Friday morning? Did that work for everyone?
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