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baby resale shop?

Anyone know of one?  I'm really looking for a used playpen.
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Re: baby resale shop?

  • I've heard ads on the radio for a place called Just Between Friends. You may google it :)
  • There is one on the south side called Other Mother's just south of 89/shields.  And i think there is also one on nw expway/council called baby bargains.  I don't know much more than that.
  • The Just Between Friends sale is a semi-annual sale at the fairgrounds where lots of moms bring their baby stuff to sell. You would definitely find one there, but today is the last day (everything is 1/2 off though). Also, I think the Children's Orchard is resale. It's at Memorial and Penn near Pier One. I've never been there, but they always have strollers in front of the store so I bet they carry things like playpens.
  • I absolutely love Once Upon a Child at SW 104th and Penn.  I get tons of DS's clothes there, and also bought a Pack 'N Play there for my parents for $40.  I think it would be considered a little bit more "high end" consignment than some of the others (which we also go to and like).


  • I have heard good things about Once Upon a Child and I bought tons of stuff for DD at the Children's Orchard but haven't made it there this time around.  In addition to the one Andrea mentioned (Penn & Memorial), there's also one on NW Expressway somewhere (I'm thinking around Rockwell, but not sure) and I think one on the south side too.
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