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Sharing My News

No I'm not pregnant!!  Anthony and I are moving to Princeton, NJ this summer.  He got accepted to Princeton Theological Seminary for his PhD, so we're moving even futher away from you all!  We went to visit the area last week during our spring break and I think we're gonna like it.  The cost of living is just RIDICULOUS (we're talking less than 1000 sq ft for $2000 a month in rent!!!!)  Hopefully it will be worth it though.

Thanks for listening to our happy news.

Re: Sharing My News

  • Wow, that's exciting!  What an adventure! Congrats to Anthony for getting accepted. 
  • Great news!! This sounds like a great opportunity! :)
  • How awesome!  I hope you love it there!
  • I def. thought you might be pregnant :)

    Congrats to Anthony though!  I used to live in Jersey and Princeton is gorgeous!  I used to love when we would have track meets there because it was so pretty!  The cost of living is outrageous, but I'm sure you will love it!
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  • Congrats to your DH on his acceptance!  That is crazy on the rent, but I'm sure you will love it there!
  • Congrats!  You will have to take pictures when you move so we can see how pretty it is. 

    [IMG]http://i55.tinypic.com/67va0h.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i52.tinypic.com/2usbtxj.jpg[/IMG]

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    Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Yeah, congratulations!  Moving brings on new adventures!  I was thinking  if she's pregnant, I'm sure she's shocked, cause she says all the time that it'll be a awhile!
  • Yes pregnancy will not be coming for at least 3 years, closer to 4.  I keep teasing my hubby that by the time he graduates I should be pregnant.  I think I scared him!
  • Congrats!  What an exciting adventure!
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  • Wow! That's a huge move! You guys are going to have an awesome adventure. :-)

  • Ha! Didn't mean to repeat "adventure." ...but it's true!
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