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Have you ever had..

Have you ever had an experience that made you feel as though you aged significantly just from getting through it? 

My world, my heart.

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Re: Have you ever had..

  • Everyday of my life...lol.

    But seriously, when my mom died when I was 9 I felt like I went from little kid to young adult. And then when I became legally seperated from my dad, I felt like I gained about 20 years.

    Why such serious questions, cupcake?

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  • Yup.  When my mom's brother committed suicide when I was 9.  I felt like I grew up a lot because we were dealing with such adult subject matter.  Also when I got married, and especially when I had Bentley.

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  • I don't feel like actually having kids made me grow up so much as things involving them... 

    As most of you know, when I was far along in my pregnancy with Ashton, a nurse told me he had died and would be stillborn. I instantly felt so.much.older.

    Everything that has happened with Braxton, from the NICU stay to his surgery, to what happened today (details in blog) have made me feel older as well.

     Fun fact. I have noticed grey roots around my ears since B was born... I guess it's true that the kids give them to you!  

    All in all, I've led a pretty charmed life. I can't imagine having to go through the typically hard things, like Erica, losing a parent or having a sick (like cancer or something) child.  

    My world, my heart.

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  • I just read your blog! I'm so glad Braxton is okay!  I bet that scared the ever loving sh!t out of you! :(
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  • yes. When my brother passed away and my parents pretty much were falling apart I felt that I had to be strong one to help them out. My grandfather passed away 6 months later and then my grandmother (both were my mom's parents) died in our kitchen a 1.5 later. The whole situation we are dealing with now sucks but I've been through worse. I still have the people I love and my family is ok.
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  • Yes, when I was 25 my brother became a quadriplegic in a diving accident. Not only did my charmed existance come to a halt, but I actually saw my parents physically age 5-7 years over the first year post-accident.
  • Yes, after my first teaching job (nightmare), when my parents got divorced (I was an adult), and when my dad died.
  • Yes on my 21st birthday my brother was in a really bad car accident and he shattered his hip. He had to be airlifted to San Antonio and the doctor told us to he possibly wouldn't be able to walk without a walker. That was over 4 years ago and my brother is so much better and doesn't need any assitance with walking.

    Also during Maddi's birth DH and I had to make alot of hard decisions and deal with a difficult birth and recovery which made us grow up really fast. I do feel like eah year I feel older and older.

    *I just read your blog entry. I'm glad B is doing great! He is such a tough little boy.

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  • Yes, over the last year I feel like I have grown up a lot. My parents have been going through a divorce and for a while right after it happened, my dad turned to me for his emotional support, which was very strange since that was pretty much the first time I had ever seen him cry. It really made me grow up and realize how much imperfections my parents really have. I know nobody's perfect. I went from that little kid mindset "my parents are perfect and good at everything" to "wow, my parents really aren't that perfect" very quickly.

    Oh and we bought our first house, which made me feel like a real adult.

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  • The only thing that really comes to mind is my grandpa passing. No one knew which end was up around that time, and I ended up planning his funeral and memorial service almost single-handedly. I even wrote his obituary. That was a tough thing to deal with considering he had been a father to me. But it had to be done, and I was the one who had to do it.

    When all was said and done, I remember getting off the plane in Oklahoma with DH, and I could feel everything I had built up in the past week and a half beginning to crumble. When we got to our car in the remote parking lot, I just lost it. I'm sure I scared the heII out of people who were watching some random girl just sobbing in the middle of the parking lot.

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  • First, I am SO glad B is okay!  That had to have been so scary!

    My main aging experiences were when my Daddy passed away and then especially when my Mother died.  When my Mom died I was the one who had to force her to go to the hospital, I was the one who was there hearing her heartrate stop, I was the one who had to call everyone and I was the one who had to make all of the arrangements.  All I have to say, is please make sure you have a will and arrangements laid out for the ones you love.

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  • Yes, namely when my parents divorced and my father left (as in no further contact).  I was 10 and my sister was only 2 so I kind of took on the role of second mother.  My mom became a single mom, worked 2 jobs, and enrolled in nursing school....I did what I could by cooking, cleaning, doing well in school, helping my sister with things, anything to make things easier for my mom.  I saw my mom evolve and I saw how incredibly strong she is--that made me grow up quick and aged me I'm sure.  I think it's why I was always a little more grounded and realistic than my friends.

    Getting engaged/married made me feel older, but in a good way...like it was a new chapter.  Marriage was also the first "getting older" experience that was actually positive, so that was a nice change Smile
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