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POLL! choosing your girl-parts doctor

Re: POLL! choosing your girl-parts doctor

  • I put no, but all things being equal I would choose a female. That would be last on my list of criteria though, and it's never been a factor.
  • While I definitely agree male gynos are fully educated on female anatomy, there's a lot to be said for knowing how the parts feel.  Plus I want to be completely comfortable talking about anything and everything.  I have seen a male gyno before, but I can't imagine having some of the conversations I've had with my female gyno with him- i.e. O's and such.

  • i'm one of the few who prefers a male. girls are just so darn... competitive? i actually feel more comfortable getting advice from someone i know who has done the work/research, rather than getting their personal experience (which can vary).

    and then, with a woman, i can't help but think about fingernails! haha. crazy, i know, but ouch!

    weird little mental hang-ups. my doc is out of town this week and i have my 34 week appt tomorrow with someone else in his office - a female doc. so that got me thinking about this topic. :) 

  • I've seen both male and female, and honestly prefer male. I love my gyno and he is very gentle actually listens to me. The female doc I had was kind of rough and I always felt like she wasn't listening to me. 
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