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Best economical date ideas

I'm always looking for fun and economical ideas for DH and I to try.  So what is your favorite "cheap date"?

Re: Best economical date ideas

  • DH and I go to Mamma Fu's on Saturday for their $6.99 for any entree and drink deal and then go to the bookstore.  Yeah, we are dorks.
  • We love to cook together, so we make a meal in several courses, light some candles, have a glass of wine and serve each other.  Then we will either pick a book and read to each other or just snuggle on the couch and talk about anything and everything. 

    And yes, we are old boring farts, but it's so great to have that quality time focusing on each other.

  • We go to the $1 movie box thing and rent a movie... that's cheap!   There are also a bunch of bowling alleys that have special discount nights, there is one right by our house but I can't remember the name.  It's something normal like Tampa Bowling Alley, lol.

    This isn't necessarily a "date" idea but more of a double date or group date.. we like to have game nights with our friends.  We have some games, everyone gets together, we make some food.  It's fun and cheap.

  • When we lived closer to the area, we loved going to Fort deSoto and just hanging out for the day, or renting a camping spot on the water, bringing in wine, s'mores, etc. and going for sunset walks around the campsite. Then we'd come back and snuggle up in our camping spot with our treats. I think one spot was $20?

    We like going to the zoo or a park, too. And some museums are cheap. This summer we're going hiking on the Appalachian Trail overnight, but day hikes would be fun, too, with a picnic. Paddle boats, canoeing, roller blading - all good fun, and cheap.

    We have Scrabble competitions - which is free.

    I'm a big fan of romantic, sexy nights in with wine, chocolate covered strawberries, bubble baths, sexy music, etc., etc., etc.

    Also, this summer in Boston they have free Shakespeare plays outside in the Boston Common. We can't wait for that! Maybe there is something like that in Tampa?

    In South Florida they had a local cooking school that would host pretty inexpensive four-course meals (I think $10 per person?) once a month... we never got to do this, but we thought it was a great idea. Again, maybe there is something like this in the Tampa area? 

  • We drive down to the beach and stroll for the day and split a lunch somewhere.

    I do believe k8 was just suggesting the concert in the parks thing, which is free.

    We have also been known to go to the library together and read up on things we're interested in, places we want to travel, projects to complete for the house (garden/grass/etc.).  It's not exciting, but sitting there together brainstorming over a gardening book means we're not sitting at home staring at each other.

    We play board games.  Rent $1 movies. 

    image image
  • - We like to go to Whole Foods and get lunch or dinner from their food bar and sit outside and read the paper. (apx $20)

    - We like to go swim laps together at the YMCA. Free (well, the cost of our monthly membership)

    - We like to go ride bikes or on runs at Flatwoods.  (Free)

    - We like to get a movie from RedBox ($1

    - We like to go to the book store, grab a tea, and read together.

    - If you like Thai food, there is a Thai Temple nearby, that has amazingly cheap, VERY authentic Thai food, on Sundays. http://www.sptimes.com/2003/04/14/TampaBay/_A_little_piece_of_Th.shtml

    I'll think of more... and add later.  Have to go back to work now. ;)


  • image MrsShawanaB:

    This isn't necessarily a "date" idea but more of a double date or group date.. we like to have game nights with our friends.  We have some games, everyone gets together, we make some food.  It's fun and cheap.

    We sometimes play board & card games by ourselves & make them a little more 'interesting'.  We wager on different things.  The winner gets to pick what happens next.  We play Sorry like strip poker.  Everytime someone gets sent home, off goes a layer. Wink

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  • The Manatee Viewing Center in Apollo Beach is free and a nice little place (minus the ugly power plant right there!).
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  • Oh, and it's only open till April 15th.
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  • Let me preface this by saying that we live in the downtown area in our town and can walk to everything...restaurants, bars, movie theaters, bowling, ice cream, shops, etc. 

    We will go to car shows downtown that are held weekly during our nice months (free).

    Go for long walks with our dog and then go get ice cream.

    Only go to restaurants when they are having a special or we have a coupon.

    Subscribe to Netflix.

    Game nights with our friends.

    Get knocked up and you will save on alcohol Stick out tongue


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