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I must be cheap and lazy

I called a couple of salons to do the big locks of love hair donation thing. I figured if I'm going to go short, then it had better be a salon-good haircut. And holy moly...$50-$80 for a haircut??? I about died. I'm used to paying $15 at TGF Haircutters.

Then I started thinking I should take the opportunity to dye my hair for the first time ever (thank you motherhood for the plethora of gray/white you have added to my head), but then I started thinking about the have to have that redone like every 6 weeks or something, right? Yeah. I get a trim about twice a year right now.

My conclusion is that I must be cheap and lazy, because these are things that women are doing all the time and I'm getting sticker and timing shock over them.


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Re: I must be cheap and lazy

  • I get my hairs cut & colored every 2 months.  I also do an all-over color myself before going into the salon for highlights, the bottle at sally's is like $3. 

    but I still don't walk out of there for under $100. :/

    merry everything!
  • i'm right there with you. i'm a supercuts girl. and i dyed my hair at the beginning of this pregnancy (self-dye, with the help of gofurr), so it's due for a touch-up, but meh. cheap and lazy. cheers!
  • i gave box color a try for the first time a couple weeks ago! i tried semi-permanent cause i was too chicken to do permanent the first time but it is really easy! (i was too cheap to pay $60 for color).

    surely someone has a $30-$40 stylist that they'll be able to recommend to you. if not, you can always drive to CS for my hair stylist Smile haha

  • p.s. the semi-permanent i used was $7. only took 10 minutes, and is supposed to last 10 weeks... we'll see! but for $7 and 10 minutes. i'll take it!
  • Yeah, I  used to highlight my hair all the time but I had a "lady" back home that would do the cut and color for 40. Sooo NOT going to find that around here. No highlights for me, not at 100+. I do spend a little more on haircuts but I don't get them very often. Although I did try out Trashy Roots in RR and was happy with them and for 35 I will definitely try them again.
  • My hair looks fantastic with highlights.  Unfortunately I am too cheap and lazy as well bc I don't want to pay or take the time to get them done.

    The last time I got my hair colored was before my wedding.  :/

    My haircuts are about quarterly.  I still haven't decided how much I'm willing to spend there- sometimes more, sometimes less.

  • 1) Highlights last longer than all-over salon color to cover gray. 

    2) Depending on your natural hair color, at home is just as good for all over color.

    3)You can definitely find cheaper. I use a stylist who up until recently was at Visible Changes in the mall. I paid $35 usually, and she's fantastic. I've been going to her for 9 years.  She just recently left though and I don't know her new rate. It's probably about the same.

    We have so much time, and so little to do! Strike that, reverse it.
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  • You could try Bradz "New Talent" salon. It's somewhere Central. Haircuts are okay and you get all the Aveda pampering. $50-$80 for a haircut is ridiculous. I won't even pay $40, which is the price I usually see.
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  • I have high maintenance hair so I'll pay more for a cut/stylist I can depend on and that is most definitely not the $15 shops.  My stylist raised her rate to $55 this last time from $45.  I was not happy about it. But - I'd rather pay that than get butchered. 

    I am w/ you on the color upkeep though.  You don't have to go every 6 weeks but that depends on your hair and the color.  I def recommend trying a box solution from the store first though.  Those work well and don't cost much at all.

  • Well if you're cheap and lazy, then so am I. Oh yes, that's right ... I am Wink

    I've had friends cutting my hair for ... ever. A girlfriend of mine that had gotten really great with my hair got her license and got a real job, at a salon. I'm seriously upset about having to pay $45 for a haircut! I can't ask her to do it at home, because I want to support her, but dangit!

    I haven't colored my hair since December 2002.

  • Ooooh, thanks for reminding me I desperately need to make a hair appointment!

    I see my lady once a quarter for haircut + highlights.  I am cheap and lazy, but this is one area where I am willing to pay for quality work.  I pay more for my hair (in one sitting) than I do for most items (individually) in my wardrobe, and I wear my hair everyday, so I justify it to myself.  Stick out tongue

  • if you are going to DIY, I would suggest going to the beauty supply store to ask for advice - it's not that much more, if any, and you can ask questions and whatnot.

    merry everything!
  • Here's the thing with coloring greys: like a can of Pringles, once you pop, you can't stop. When the grey starts to grow in, you will notice it every time you look in the mirror. Then you will count down to the days until you get your color done again. Also, home hair color does not cover greys like salon color does. I'm not sure why, but everyone I know IRL who colors to cover grey has to get it done at a salon for it not to fade back to white. Those white hairs are stubborn little buggers. Of course, you have lighter hair anyway, so it might be fine. 

    I have done box color and it looked fine and then I have used the same one two months later and wrecked my hair completely, so I am not a fan. I think it's too finicky for an amateur, especially when it comes to touching up color. For me, professional color is the way to go, because, as guava said, you wear your hair every day and you have to look at it several times a day. If you want to try out highlights pretty inexpensively, I recommend going to one of the advanced students at Baldwin Beauty School. I used to do that when a co-worker was in cosmetology school there and I liked the results a lot for $35. 

    So sayeth the girl who started going grey at 23. Since I am naturally blonde, I get highlights every two months and they blend in my greys.

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  • mmmm.... pringles...
  • image JezcaM:
    mmmm.... pringles...

    Haha!  I totally agree. 

  • I think Avant was doing a locks of love drive and discounted their haircuts - I'm not sure if that's an "always" thing, or if it was a while back, but check!  Also, Kisma is doing a $25 fundraiser for cancer this month, so that's another one to take advantage of.
  • Semi-permanent box color has become my friend.  I'm cheap too.
  • forgot to add (again), my hair person told me to buy this stuff at sally's - you add it to the mix and it's supposed to hide the grays a bit better.,default,pd.html?cgid=Hair05-07

    you can buy it in a little bottle - you only put 2 drops in so it lasts quite awhile.  I've had the same little bottle for well over 1.5 yrs.

    merry everything!
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