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Craig's List

Anyone have any good Craig's List stories?? I've never had a single issue using Craig's List on the East Coast but it seems so different out here for some reason.  When I bought a bike the woman (I guess) forgot that I was coming over and was 30 minutes late... I had just talked to her the day before... and she didn't apologize or seem to think that it was that big of a deal.

Now I found another item I am interested in but the earliest I can go get it is Friday and she's making me wait & see if it's still available.  I seriously think she's trying to find someone else to take it before I can get there.... (She's only available for a small window of time each day.) She's emailed me several times and since I keep replying she says "I stand a very good chance of getting it.... unless she finds someone else"  What does that mean??

Does this happen to other people?? or am I just finding all the weirdo sellers... grrrrr  

Re: Craig's List

  • No...it's pretty cutthroat here (well...west coast, as most of my CL experience has been in CA). Finding an apartment/condo/house was always the worst. It would be up one minute, and taken the next! I've had pretty good luck purchasing small furniture though, but only because I knew I had to pick it that day or the next...otherwise I knew it was a loss.


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  • I've had great experiences on CL here in Portland.

    Sold 1 stroller, bought 2 strollers.  All 3 people that I dealt with were normal, polite, clean-cut, showed up on time, etc.  The one guy even let me write him a check!  I was shocked, I would NOT take a check from some stranger on CL.

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  • Stuff can go pretty quickly on CL.  DH tried to buy a rower and e-mailed the guy within 20 minutes of his posting - and it was already sold.  You also get a lot of sellers who don't respond to e-mails.  But CL is great when you DO get what you're looking for.
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  • I just had an issue this weekend, actually. 

    I bought a coffee table from a girl and she told me I had to come at a specific time.  So I arrived at said specific time, but couldn't find her apartment.  I called her, no answer.  I waited 5 minutes and called again.  She finally answered and gave me directions to the elevator and her floor.  Except that her floor number wasn't listed on the elevator!  So I had to guess ( I wasn't going to call her back for a THIRD time!) and I finally found her place.  Luckily it was exactly what I wanted and a smokin deal. 

    But yes, I've bought tons of stuff on CL, and sold lots, and had some interesting experiences. 


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  • I have bought and sold things on CL.  When selling, I am pretty agressive, lots of people express interest, but can't make it to my place, want me to lower the price, yadda yadda yadda.  When you sell on CL, you want the thing gone.  So, first come, first serve in my ever humble opinion.

    This past weekend we bought a new couch on CL, and it is super fabulous.  We paid $100 and the lady was really sweet.  In my emails, I made it clear I could pick it up tomorrow and gave her a 2 hour opening.  I was friendly, but tried to be serious about it.   Am I making any sense?  Good luck finding great bargains!

  • The_Jen:  Wow!! I can't believe someone took a check.  That is so trusting.  Glad it's worked out well for you.


    Legal Lovers2: I agree with what you are saying.  I too just want to be "friendly but serious."


    Thanks for all the advice/stories.  I'm just frustrated because I do know things go quickly and I told this woman I would come by any night this week after 5 pm (which is when I can make it) and she works nights so her "window of availability" is 1-3 pm.  I can't even go on a lunch break during that time period.  I have off on Friday so that's why I said Friday... but really it's nobody's fault.   We all have to pay the bills...

    No excuse for the woman who was 30 min late for meeting me for the bike.  Bike was a fantastic deal and I'm glad I got it but she could've at least apologized for being late.  

    And I'm not one of those hagglers ... alright... enough whining ... thanks for listening!! :)

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