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Questions for the teachers...

I have a couple questions about the tests that are required to get certified as a teacher. Okay, so there's the OGET that you take first, and then the OSAT for your specific subject area, and then the OPTE last, is that right?

The OGET you can take any time, you take the OSAT your last semester before you graduate, and then you take the OPTE after graduation while you do the student teaching, is that all right?

I still have about 60 hours left before I graduate. Could I go ahead and take the OGET to get it out of the way? Or should I wait closer to graduation? When did you take it? I looked at the study guide online and it seems pretty simple. Did you study much for it?

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Re: Questions for the teachers...

  • The OGET is basically a watered-down ACT. Take it any time.

    I can't remember exactly when I took the OSAT or OPTE. I know I was pretty far into specific music studies when I took the OSAT. The OPTE was pretty late, maybe the semester before I graduated. I think I was taking regular classes (Ed. Psych for example) that were preparing me for the test when I took it. It was mostly the legal issues surrounding education, and it had some long-ass essays to deal with. I remember one was about making lesson plans and another was about dealing with an irate parent.

    I'm sure that helps you none. I didn't study for any of them, and I did very well...in fact, I did way better on the OPTE than I did on the OGET because it had math!

  • Your timeline looks right, but I did Alternative Certification, so I didn't go "by the book" (I didn't student teach, and I didn't major in Math Ed, just Math, for example).  Take my experience with the tests for what it's worth...

    The OGET is easy--take it now so you can have it out of the way.  I took it the summer of 2002 and graduated in December 2005.

    I took the Middle/Intermediate Math OSAT and Elementary Ed OSAT in November 2006.

    I got my certification in January/February 2007 and started my teaching position a few weeks later.  Then I took the OPTE in November 2008.

    Again, I suggest you take the OGET soon so you can have that finished.  The only tests I remember studying for are the OSATs.  They were really similar to the study guides so I'm sure you'll do fine on them as well.

  • I pretty much agree with the first two responses. Take the OGET anytime. I found it to be simple and straightforward. 

    I also went the alt cert route. I took the OGET and my OSATS within a month of each other. I barely studied for my OSATS (journalism and English) and did just fine. I actually still haven't taken the OPTE, as I don't have to until I'm eliglible for my 5 year certificate.

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