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Is it true...

someone told me that its a myth that babies get fevers when they are teething....?

Celeste had fevers for 2 straight mornings and I took her to see Md and lo and behold she has an ear infection. Its her first one and there has been no change in her happy go lucky mood...such an angel.  

Re: Is it true...

  • Honestly, the literature doesn't support this....but I think the majority of mothers would disagree. So I wouldn't be concerned.
    image Emily 7-10-04
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  • And that being said---most healthcare professionals don't consider it a fever until it reaches 100.7---and she really shouldn't have a "fever" this high with teething. I would only be alarmed if the fever was over 101---and then I wouldn't attribute it to teething at all. But I recommend giving Tylenol for both the pain and fever.

    image Emily 7-10-04
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  • sounds good-thank you Emily. I am glad that I took her to the Md yesterday & confirmed what I suspected which was an ear infection. She's had this horrible cold for a week (maybe from daycare like Rj did in the beginning) I was not concerned at the time since I expected it. But when the fevers hit I started suspecting. Md said that during the first 18 months in daycare is when most kids get sick which what happened with Rj now its Celeste's turn. I know all in all its all good for them. Rj rarely gets sick now...and Celeste's mood has not changed much.
  • For what it's worth, our pedi assures me that things with the girls should be within normal range (ie teething, common cold) with fevers below 101.  He says anything warmer than that is a sign of fighting off more than just teething or a cold.  Also, I've been told that some kids may NOT show signs of ear infection pain, in fact they may not be uncomfortable at all...only other signs will confirm it (fever and visit to doc).

    I hope that Celeste gets better soon.  You too!  XOXOXO

  • My Pedi tends to agree with Emily. In fact, when I used to bring up the idea of her fever being associated with teething, she quickly shot down that theory. She said it was an old wives tale:)

    I hope your little one gets better soon!!!

  • Hi Mae,

    If it makes you feel any better, when Ethan first started daycare (he was about 10 months), he got sick...a lot!  He had at least 3 ear infections during that first year.  So now that it's fall and winter is not that far behind, I'm hoping that he has built up a little bit more immunity, but who knows?

    Anyway, hope Celeste feels better soon!


  • Jacob always got fevers when he was cutting teeth. ?They were never really high though.

    Glad you took her though.?

  • Thank you all for your input. Celeste is back in daycare and she seemed to be happy about it when we entered through the doors. They were in the middle of circle time and so all the babies were sitting in a circle. She seems to have adjusted well into the daycare scene...thank goodness.


  • Glad she is doing better!!
    image Emily 7-10-04
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