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Am I missing something?  I kept hearing all the rave reviews about this series so I got it and it seems like a kid book.  I have read the first few chapters does it get better?

Re: Twilight

  • It's a YA novel, that's for sure.

    The first couple of chapters are a little "whatever," but IMO the story does get better. 

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  • I strongly urge you too keep going! The first few chapters I thought were kind of slow, but then I thought it got a lot better.
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  • I started it yesterday... and I thought the same thing. I'm now a little over halfway done with the first book and it's gotten much better, but I warn you- so far, it's still a little teenager-ish. I was surprised by that fact after hearing everyone raving over it, I just expected them to be ... at least in their 20's! All in all, I do like it and I'm thinking I'll love it more as I get further into the series.
  • I didn't get totally into it until almost the end of the first book.  All the "high school" stuff got old fast, in my opinion.  But the story takes some great turns in the last part of the first book, and into the second.....and right now, I'm in the middle of book 4 and it is pretty intense!!  Keep going!
  • The first book (Twilight) is the most "high school-esque" about half way through I got really into it, after the first book there's not as much high school talk.
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    The first book (Twilight) is the most "high school-esque" about half way through I got really into it, after the first book there's not as much high school talk.

    Ditto!  I had to keep reminding myself that they really are YA books so that I wouldn't get too annoyed with some of the characters and writing.  But the books do lose a lot of the "high school" quality as they go further along the story.

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  • I agree...I can see myself in 10 years still wanting to reread the Twilight series!!
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  • It definitely picks up a few chapters into it. I started reading it on a whim, because I had heard so much of it. I'm now sucked into Eclipse and can't wait to get on to Breaking Dawn.

    I didn't mind the high school setting. Any book I read, I take the characters for what they are, whether they are kids or adults. It actually took me back to my high school days because so many of it was classic high school stuff.

  • I actually like the high school setting, and missed it as they moved away from it in later books.
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