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Dear Community,

Our tech team has launched updates to The Nest today. As a result of these updates, members of the Nest Community will need to change their password in order to continue participating in the community. In addition, The Nest community member's avatars will be replaced with generic default avatars. If you wish to revert to your original avatar, you will need to re-upload it via The Nest.

If you have questions about this, please email [email protected]

Thank you.

Note: This only affects The Nest's community members and will not affect members on The Bump or The Knot.

**My.ABC.Life and Caliet--poohbag**

**Butting in** 

Allison and E-

Something you and E may enjoy is the fact that Poohbag's photography business isn't going that great, and that she has taken up house cleaning instead.  I know that because she posted that on C&O board about six weeks ago.  So while she is a freaky stalker, who is also a whore sucking it--(I loved that!), she is also cleaning up people's shit(literally!).  That's pretty bad karma if you ask me. 

**Butting out**

p.s.  E I am sorry you were denied for whatever ridiculous bureaucratic reason, and that I hope your lawyers will be able to fix it for you.

Re: **My.ABC.Life and Caliet--poohbag**

  • Thank you.


    To be honest I'm starting to feel sorry for her. i think she may have some psychological abandonment issues, possibly to do with her mother based on how fiercely (and totally wrongly) she defended Naomi and then proceeded to stalk me in some deluded sense of loyalty.


    The only karma I wish on her is that her internet craps out for a while so she leaves me alone. 

  • That's really too bad that her business is going through hard times.  I really don't like to wish ill on anyone - even one who I perceive as a b*tch. 
    Andrew - Turns 3 on March 22!

    <a href="" title="Getting Pregnant"><img src="" alt=" Pregnancy Ticker" border="0" /></a>
  • Talk about being stalked...So we are stalking other boards to find out things that we think to be true...
  • Who are you and why are you on a NorCal board??  You have so much growning up to do.  Your comment yesterday was flat out rude and uncalled for.  You keep posting on here to start shit. Grow up and go live your little 21 year old life and stay our of ours.
  • Listen, Poohbag--I would not  say I am stalking the C&O because I generally post on it, and who the hell stalks that board anyway??  I just happen to come across your posting because your posting was asking what you should wear on your first day on the job cleaning houses, which most posters told you jeans and t-shirt would be appropriate, and nothing where your and I quote,"ass and tits" hang out, or nothing ripped.   Piss off, Poohbag, and post on the Ohio board where you belong.  So my comments to the above people are true, not unless of course, you canned because you were doing shittty on that job too..
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