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What would you do?

I recieved a message this morning from that company I really want to work for. They said they're sending out an application for me to fill out and return. Should I call and offer to go out there or just fill it out and send it back?

I SOOOO don't know what filling out an app means. I'm hoping it's a good sign!

Ben & Shana - August 27, 2005

Re: What would you do?

  • I think it's a good sign. I can think of a few times where they've asked for the app to be filled out after I was either hired or after the first interview. Seems backwards to me but they're probably just trying to dot all their t's. Yeah, just call them and ask if it would be easier if you come in to fill it out. But, beware, you don't know what the app will ask for so unless you have your life stored in your purse, you may want to be at home in order to find any necessary info they ask for..
  • I would call them, say thank you and that you will fill it out and drop it off as soon as possible, or something along those lines.


  • I've had the same thing happen as Christina--- where I didn't fill out the application until I was hired...  I'd take it as a good sign.  When I worked in HR, we normally didn't ask exempt employees to fill one out until late in the hiring process.

    I'd at least call and let them know it'll be in the mail ASAP.  It never hurts to show you are interested and excited about the possibility of working there. 

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  • Well I called and got the HR guy's voice mail. I left him a message saying thanks for the call and the opportunity to fill out an application. I offered to come out or just to get it back really quick. We'll see if he calls back.

    Ben & Shana - August 27, 2005
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