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Target Return Question

DH and I bought a vacuum cleaner at Target at the end of last year.  Ok, so we haven't even had this thing for a year and it already stopped working.  When we plug it in, it just won't turn on.  I don't have the receipt anymore and I know Target it funny about their return policy...but, would it be worth taking it back to Target just to ask if they'll exchange it for another vacuum?  I would just suck it up and buy a new one, but this one was $250!  It seems ridiculous that it's already stopped working.

Re: Target Return Question

  • I would start with the manufacturer.  I think it's highly doubtful that they'll take it back after almost a year with no receipt. 

    Also, does Walmart sell the same vacuum?  If so I'd try them since you don't have a receipt anyway.

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  • If I remember right, I think they will exchange it - you have to buy something from the same department that day - in this case, it should work fine.  I'd say it's worth a try. 
  • It looks like Wal-Mart does carry the same vacuum, but only online, they don't have it in the store.  I would feel bad taking it back to Wal-Mart though since I didn't even buy it from them.  Wouldn't that be kind of shady?  LOL
  • Well....maybe....but I think they just send it back to the mfg or write it off or something.  ???  :)
    Shelby is 7, Coleman is 5!
    Lilypie Pregnancy tickers
  • Well, in that case I definitely might give it a try if Target won't exchange it.  I'm highly doubtful Target will exchange it, they are so weird about their returns/exchanges if you don't have a receipt.
  • If you've had it less than a year, it should still be under the manufacturer's warranty. Call them. We bought a steam cleaner earlier this year and it stopped working, so we called the manufacturer. They walked us through steps to fix it, sent us to a repair place, and would have replaced it once those options were exhausted.

    Since your vacuum cleaner was so expensive, I'd go that route first. Don't spend that much more money if you don't have to.

    Oh, and they should be able to look it up by the VIN number, so you're fine without a receipt (at least that was my experience).

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  • Based on my experience after 90 days Target will tell you to take it up with the manufacturer.  After 90 they will have no way to verify if you bought it there or not.  Even if you had a receipt Target flat out will say no after 90 days.  (at least in my experience).  Having said that you really have nothing to lose by trying.  Maybe you could play dumb and say you aren't exactly sure when you bought it but you haven't had it very long. (not saying this is right, just saying...)
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