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The Box (spoilers may come)

What the hell was that?  When it was over, DH and I looked at each other and decided that was the weirdest movie we had ever seen.  It's like it should have been one of those free movies they play on demand.

Re: The Box (spoilers may come)

  • I agree. I'm thinking I might have to watch it again, just to see if I can understand it more. It's probably one of those movies I have to watch a few times to actually understand. Kind of like The Prestige! (awesome movie, by the way)
  • I thought it was terrible.
  • H is watching this movie right now and holy shiit does it blow. I started watching it, but just couldn't and got the laptop out.Please tell me someone else saw Dreamcatcher based on the Stephen King book. This movie reminds me of it in the worst possible way. Its the only movie I ever walked out of.At least we know Cameron Diaz would make the worst Sookie Stackhouse EVAR.
  • I also kept thinking it was over and it wasn't. 
  • Okay, after watching the ending last night I can really say it was one of the worst five movies I've seen in the last five years.  HORRIBLE.  All of the acting was just miserable on top of a crappy storyline.  Such an interesting concept and such poor execution.
  • image bg022202:
    I also kept thinking it was over and it wasn't. 

    ugh me too!!

  • DH and I just watched that last week, when it was over we just looked at each other like, wtf???

    I told the guy at Blockbuster that I didn't understand it at all and he was like, well they explained it all in the end, so it made sense after that. I felt kinda dumb for not getting it so I just went along with it!!

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