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We're out of gas?

The girls on D&R were saying there's no gas in TN. Is that right?  Wow, what's going on?  I haven't seen anything about it in the national news, although what I see is spotty.

PS - Before you think I'm slightly crazy for not knowing that we're out of gas, I'm in Afghanistan.

Re: We're out of gas?

  • Understatement!  Nashville was the subject of national attention over the weekend because of our "self fulfilling prophecy" - someone started a rumor last Friday that we were running out of gas, so everyone rushed the gas stations. . . . and what do you know, we ran out of gas!  Last night I didn't really notice too many lines, so hopefully things are starting to get back to normal, but it was a crazy weekend for sure!  I had to go out of town Monday morning and spent many hours trying to get the gas to do so!  (I definitely wouldn't have gotten in those lines and helped the problem if I didn't have to!) 

    Check out cjsbdl's "LMAO" post below - its hilarious :) 

  • Oddly enough, we do have gas in the Tri-Cities region. A lot of our stations did run out right before Ike hit, because everyone ran out to fill up. But within a week most stations were back up and running, and its relatively calm here--at least for now!

    But as pp said, Nashville is having a hard time, and so is Asheville NC--they're totally out over there and no signs of it changing anytime soon from what I hear!

  • Grrr.... it's been making me so freaking mad! I actually had to work this weekend, unlike most of the people who were rushing the gas stations so they could go & "play." I had to resort to siphoning my 67 Mustang just to get to my jobs. I have had to turn down a lot of business this week, and I am not happy about it at all! It is ridiculous! People are idiots! I saw one guy fill up his truck & then also fill up 20 of those 5 gallon gas jugs! Why people??? Why???
  • I havent read all the replies.

    But basically before Ike hit, people were saying gas was gonna be at like $6-$7 a gallon, so everyone rushed out, then we got lower and lower, then like someone else said someone-aka the media made a HUGE stink about being a little low on the gas supply after Ike hit, so then people started talking and places started to run out. The pipes coming here are actually at 100% its just that all these people are running out topping off when they do not need gas at all. Therefore making the city run out of gas, Mapco is refusing to buy anymore until the price goes down(according to my family friend who works for MTA) Pilot, however has there own refinery or something and will not be out... Some places around here, in Franklin have gas, but NONE of the Mapcos do, IDK what the deal is there, and gas is going back down...

    I would still say for people NOT to get gas unless they HAVE to... I didnt waste my money for the $4 something a gallon, I just reduced trips and still have enough gas left lol 

  • Unfortunately I cannot really cut my trips without turning down business since I work from my car. I drive on average about 200 miles per day, so I have to have gas!?
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