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anything new tonight? greys anatomy - OfficE?

what is new tonight? anything?

Re: anything new tonight? greys anatomy - OfficE?

  • NOTHING.  Except maybe RHWOC?
  • figure skating!
    Gretchen Evie, born 7/8/2012 at 35w5d
  • image pugznploons:
    figure skating!

    oh yeah, I am all about the figure skating.  That is why I have to figure out what gets priority on the PVR

  • i think The Office baby is next thursday.
  • image timmysgal1:
    i think The Office baby is next thursday.

    It is.  I like the Olympics as much as the next gal, but I'm so ready for them to be over so my shows come back on.  :)

  • love your bostons.  I adopted mine boston-mix from Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue.  There are pics of my dogs in my cooking blog :)
  • Agh, love them!  :)

    Do you work the the Midwest BT rescue at all?  I've tried to get involved with the FL BT rescue and have sent in emails that H and I will foster if ever needed in North FL, but have never gotten a response.

  • I don't think Survior is a repeat.
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  • count me in for figure skating, as well!
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  • I'm watching Supernatural tonight. The guys have checked themselves in, looking for a monster in the crazy bin.
    Doctor Title Is Closer image
  • No, nothing new.  Blame the Olympics :(


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