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Hump Day!

The week is half way over! How was everyone's evening?

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Re: Hump Day!

  • Good morning :) Yesterday I was a nervous wreck. I called off telling my boss C was sick. The trush was I had an interview. I think it went really well. I'm suppose to hear back by Friday.

    Afterward I went whenever I need time to think, Target. :) Nothing much going on today. I posted pics from our cali visit on fb. My brother leaves today & I wanted to make sure he could see them before leaving.

    Happy hump day.

  • Brandy- I'll be crossing my fingers and toes that you get the job!

    Last night I stopped at fresh & easy and did a little grocery shopping. Fixed an awesome dinner and spent the rest of the evening relaxing with dh. We watched the Olympics and AI. AI drove us crazy with all the commercials though. It was insane how many there were!

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  • Morning!  Worked the last 2 nights....and i am hopeing the girls take a decent nap this am!  we will see,,,wish us all luck!  I'm pretty tired!
  • Good Morning!  Good luck with your new job prospect!!    Last night I played bunco, I lost :(  Then we watched the olympics.  I cried when that Canadian girl skated-the one whose mom died a couple days ago.  That was so sweet!! I'm hoping today flies by!

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  • Good morning! Yesterday L had a dr appt and it went well. After that we hit Kohls, picked up A and headed home. I watched some of the figure skating but I'll have to finish it tonight because I couldn't stay awake.

    B - good luck! Fingers and toes are crossed!

  • Good luck B! I think that case of thrush you have is making its way too me, not sure I'm going to be feeling well enough to go to work tomorrow. ;)

    Yesterday was the worst day ever. Got called at 5 am bc of an issue at work, I ended up working from home until 9:30 until the issue was resolved, went into work and worked a full day. In the midst of all this I had to run to the Apple store since I was having problems with my iphone (they fortunately gave me a new one!) and go to the bank to wire money over for our refinance. Finally left work at 5, got home and got called AGAIN by work bc of another issue! Ended up working on that for 2.5 hrs so I'm beat. I had a fitful night of sleep last night too because I kept worrying that they were going to call me again =/.

    Hope today is uneventful. I had already told my boss that I would be out of the office tomorrow bc of "drs appts" and boy am I glad I scheduled those appts when I did ;)

  • Good morning! Yay for the interview Brandy!! Good luck!!!

    I am having the hardest time gettimg myself to do any work today. I just don't want to. :(

    Last night I had dinner in the crockpot so it was easy. I spent the rest of the night sewing and watching olympics. I decided I needed to hand sew the trim to my skirt instead of using the machine, so its taking A LOT longer than I wanted it to. :/

    it looks like Chris is getting sick, so I'm taking care of him while trying not to get sick myself.

    Tonight is just more sewing an Olympics. Such fun.

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