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my poor baby :( 2 y.o. and broken arm

She wiggled and slipped out of my hands at gymnastics yesterday.  She fell less than 2 feet and onto one of the soft crash mats and managed to break her arm.  She falls all the time onto hard things and has never even had a cut and here she falls on something soft and breaks.  I didn't even know it was broken for hours.  She was still using it, not complaining, didn't bruise or swell.  When I was nursing her, I saw her wince and she pointed to her arm when I asked what hurt.  I put some pressure and she started crying.  She didn't want to go to the doctor and wanted to go to the park.  I made a deal with her that we'd drive to the park (it's across the street about 4 houses away).  When she couldn't climb the ladder, I knew she was really hurt.  She still said no doctor, but said I could go ask the fireman (their station is at the park until the permanent one gets built).  Once he said that a doctor was a good idea, she agreed to go.  Even in radiology she was running around like crazy, climbing on and off chairs, etc.  She isn't in any pain and hasn't slowed down a bit.  I was about 2 seconds away from passing out when they were splinting her.  I couldn't stand hearing her cry and knowing she had 2 broken bones (plus hadn't really eaten all day and it was past dinner time).  I have to take her to the orthopedic surgeon tomorrow.  I'm terrified they'll need to reset the bone or worse, do surgery.  And DH can't go with me, so it's just me and her.  I feel so incredible horrible.

Re: my poor baby :( 2 y.o. and broken arm

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