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One Tree Hill *Spoilers*

Anyone watch it? I have seen a post here and there on this board about it but it's not talked about often.

If you do watch it, what did you think of Taylor (Quinn and Hailey's sister) hooking up with David? Ugh, what an odd story line. Also, I don't think that Quinn should feel bad about lying about sleeping with that guy. She didn't sleep with him so I don't get why her ex-husband is acting completely hurt/shocked as though he found out that she DID sleep with him or something and she lied  by saying she hadn't. 

I guess I just figured it was a weird backwards lie that I hadn't seen before on a show. 



Re: One Tree Hill *Spoilers*

  • I was shocked that Taylor would do that to her sister! I love the show, but I feel like this season has gone really downhill from where it used to be.

  • Yea, it was definitely shocking.

    I am almost positive that this show is ending this year. I love/d the show but it definitely seems like this should be it for it. 

  • I thought that whole story line was weird.  But then I also think that the show has gotten really off track. . . .
  • image steph_august:
    I thought that whole story line was weird.  But then I also think that the show has gotten really off track. . . .

    It often seems like the writers are grasping at straws.

    Also, I don't like how Hailey sings often on the shows. I'm definitely not a fan of musicals so any type of long singing in normal tv shows makes me cringe.

  • I honestly can't even bring myself to watch this anymore.  I've been watching since it started and it used to be one of my favorites but this season has just gotten worse and worse.  I recorded it last week and it is still sitting on my DVR. 
  • I agree, it has totally gone down hill since it first started.  But then again, I have to say Im not to suprised since the whole thing started when they were in highschool.  I mean really, how interesing can you make a show about grow adults that still live in the same town.  I think there have been some good shows, but over all, it has totally changed!
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