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What I don't like about these boards.

Mainly the international boards. I'm a pretty big poster on the 3-6 month board on the bump and sometimes it is just so hard not to compare Natalie to the other babies. I see babies just a few days older then natalie that are rolling both ways and sitting unassisted already when she isn't doing any of those things. I know that Natalie is right on track but I can't help but worry about these things. Sometimes I wonder if I should be doing something more to help her reach these milestones.

I think this is a big reason why I've started frequenting this board more  then the 3-6 month board. It's not good for my sanity to sit there and compare babies all day.

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Re: What I don't like about these boards.

  • my friend always calls and asks me when R did certain things - like roll and sit unassisted.  He was on the late end of all of the normal ranges - it was especially hard when R has a cousin who's a week younger who did everything early.  and I mean EVERYTHING!  He walked at 9 or 10 months and R didn't walk until 15.  It's hard, but it's always reassuring when you go in for well-visits and the doctors are happy with everything! 

    Try not to compare, though I know it's hard. I think we're all guilty of it.

  • To be honest, I think some people on the baby boards exaggerate about what their kids can do because they don't want it to seem like their kid isn't doing what everyone else's is. It's like a one-uping whose kid is better at what competition over there half the time.

    Babies do things in their own time when they are ready and it's hard to compare them. They focus on one thing at time. I read somewhere that babies who are slower with the gross motor skills usually have a better grasp of language earlier cause that's what they are focusing on. I've noticed that's true with Jake, he's still not standing on his own or walking which a lot of babies who are younger than him are doing, but he says six different words and has sooo many words that he associates when I say them and communicates by pointing if you ask him questions.

  • hound  -that's SOOO true! 

    R is a total chatterbox.  We decided to take inventory of the words that he knows without prompting and he's well over 100 at only 18 months.  He did everything gross motor on the later end of normal.  

    Looking at friend's kids who walked earlier, are not saying NEARLY as much as R does.  And, what they do say is a lot of gibberish still, but R speaks pretty clearly. 


    SO, it is totally true that they just do everything at their own pace.  I don't even think you can "practice" with them to train them to do something.  THey'll do it when they're ready - they're a lot like men!  ha ha

  • We have a baby in our group of friends that timot was concerned about because he wasn't talking yet at a year.  (he's a very silent kid...not really even babling)

    But since timot works with the kids (at speech clinic) he was saying that it really doesn't matter becasue one day they are silent and the next they are talkiing up a storm like someone turned on a switch!

    I'm sure DD is fine!! :) 

  • Hound - our pedi actually told me that, she said davis' lack of language is no worry because most of the time the kids she sees who are so advanced in gross motor skills get a grasp on language later - not trying to toot my horn about davis being "advanced", I hate that word, he just did things in his own time - his thing just happened to be crawling, standing, walking early, not language and for sure not eating table food.  I feel bad he still eats puress while Jake has been chomping on sandwiches for months, hehe. 

    Every single baby is different, which is why I rarely post on the baby boards, I hate them.  They have a way of making you feel bad about your baby, yourself, etc...  For months I felt like craptastic mom of the year because of all the moms who were "happily" breasfeeding like champion cows and here I was feeding davis poison in a can because I just couldn't cut it.  And not to mention all the freaking experts on every god for saken topic on those boards, it can drive you insane reading all of it.  Sometimes I wonder if any of them actually pay attention to their kids because all they do is post their expert advice.

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  • Seriously do not stress about it. Your DD is fine. :) I know it's easier said then done, but seriously you have nothing to worry about. I am ALWAYS comparing C to B. B was an early sitter, crawler, talker, etc. Carly likes her own pace. She is meeting her milestones but not has fast as Braelyn did and I do stress about it sometimes, but I just remind myself, EVERY baby is different, even two sisters. :)


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  • thanks guys. I know she is doing great. She's a huge babbler so I think her thing is going to be talking. I know from everything I read that is right on track I think my anxiety just gets the best of me sometimes.
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  • I think after A was about 10 mos. I stopped looking at those boards.  Probably the same reasons. 

    Every kid is different and it is hard not to compare.  I've been trying really hard not to do that with A's speech/vocab.  My friends kids speak perfectly clearly with a huge vocabulary and they are younger than Alex.  He didn't walk until he was 15 mos. either which can be considered a little late on who you ask.  

    I know that he is an awesome toddler as a whole and the other "milestones" will come.   I compare myself to enough people, I don't want to do with my kid too, KWIM?


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  • We don't even have kids yet and I kinda fret about it - only because I didn't start walking until 13 or 14 months while I saw that others were under a year.  I sometimes think because I was late with that stuff, will our kid be late too? 

    I totally agree about exagerations!  Pretty soon people are going to start saying - oh my baby is reading at 1-1/2 months or my baby is doing our taxes at 18 months! - LOL!

  • I agree, don't compare your baby to others....every child develops at their own pace, and honestly as long as your Dr. is cool with everything, you should be too :)

    And just to warn you: it doesn't get any better as they get a little older.  I have a daughter who will be 5 in June, and it's the same thing only now it's about how can write letters the best and who can learn to read before everyone else, and who can tie their shoes the's a never-ending competition.  What I do in these cases is defer to my mother and ask her when me and my siblings started doing milestones such as those.  My brother is in dental school and my sister is a psychologist and I'm a scientist, so I'd say none of us turned out too shabby!  I like to know a timeline, but I don't want to compare my kid to others, either. 

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