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Does anyone go to Anderson Fitworks or Eastgate Urban Active?

DH and I are debating between these two....we just want something cheap with no contract. Fitworks is $25 with $1 classes and childcare included. Urban Active is $15 including classes, but no childcare. Any input on either one? Also, does anyone know if either place has basketball courts? (DH is wondering, we haven't toured them yet).

Re: Does anyone go to Anderson Fitworks or Eastgate Urban Active?

  • I workout at Eastgate UA.  I am almost always there over lunch, so I can't attest too much for crowds later in the day.  Over lunch, you won't have to wait for any machines.  Even the few times I have been there in the evening the crowds aren't too bad.  They do have a nice free weight sections and any of the machines you would want.  The cardio cinema always has a movie playing, but I never go in there.  I feel like, outside of the cardio cinema, there is limited cardio equipment...especially for your H b/c there is not a "men's" area.  There is a woman's area which is nice because the TV's have on stations with the volume up so you can watch a show while you workout.  There are also basic weight machines in the woman's only area.

    I like that it's not crowded.  I also like that they have the huge room that used to be used for cardio classes.  A lot of times H and I will go in there and set up some cardio circuits (boxing, box jumps, jump roping, exercise ball, etc).  It's spacious and hardly anyone is ever in there.  There is also a half BB court. 

    There is also a "bootcamp" class on Saturday mornings.  I went a few times and enjoyed it, but it's since moved to 10am which is just too late for me.   The times I did go there was a decent sized group and Chris, head trainer, showed ways to modify exercises to adjust them to your level.

     All that being said, if you are looking for a luxurious place, this is definitely not it!! There are times when there is no hot water, or AC, but they do get working on solving it right away.  I feel, though, that they "patch" the issue and not fix it because I've seen the issues arise several times (ie- problems with the AC at the first heat wave of every summer). Currently, in the woman's locker room, you can't use the outlets by the sinks b/c it will blow a fuse.  Stupid.  I will also say that if any of their machines have problems at any point, they are uber fast in getting them fixed, reupholstered, etc. I do not think their trainers are all that great.  If you are new to working out, they would be great for learning the basics.  If you already know and want some "expertise"...perhaps not for you.  There seems to be a high turnover rate for the managers at this location, but I do not know if that's the industry as a whole or not.

    That's kind of everything in a summary.  If you have more specific questions, let me know.  Hope it helps.

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  • I thought Fitworks had a deal going on for $15 a month?
  • Just an FYI- I currently belong to Urban Active, and I'm pretty sure they cancelled all the group exercise classes at Eastgate (and Mt. Washington). I was really disappointed that they did this, because the group classes are great! I agree with the previous post regarding the facility. Things tend to always be breaking/not working right, etc. It seems to me that Urban Active opens these beautiful new facilities, and let the old ones kind of go....Urban Active Eastgate does have a 'half' basketball court. If you are looking for an inexpensive membership fee and plan on just using the weights and cardio machines, then it will probably meet your needs.

    I have no experience with Anderson Fitworks.

    Hope this helps!

  • image jiml:
    I thought Fitworks had a deal going on for $15 a month?

    They do, but that's a "basic" membership and doesn't include classes or childcare. It's $25 for the upgraded membership that does.

  • I used the Anderson Fitworks for awhile, and it was okay, but I never took any classes because they were usually pretty crowded.  They don't have a basketball court.  They do have the theater workout rooms, which can be fun if there's a movie or sporting event on that you want to see.  They also have one room off the women's locker room for women to work out, so I mostly stayed in there.

     They have satellite TV, though, so you really have no choice in what you want to watch, which bugged me.

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