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I think I need to watch it again to take everything in, but I thought it was interesting.  There are a few things I'm wondering about.

Did those workers realize that Zoe chopped that guy's finger off, or do they think it was just an accident?

Why did Mrs. Graystone go up during the memorial and tell everyone she thought Zoe was a terrorist?  I get that she wasn't thinking clearly, but it still doesn't make a ton of sense to me.

Does that Nester guy in the group marriage creep anyone else out? 

Re: Caprica(spoilerifica)

  • Yeah, again with the problematic writing. On one hand, I think Mrs Graystone was trying to say she never really knew her daughter and here she turned out to be a terrorist. On the other hand, the way they had her say that should have been just that: "Here you are all missing your children and I realize that I never really knew her, that all the things I thought were quirks and whatever were actually dangerous signs and I didn't stop her."

    But did they say that? No. They have her go up there and announce she thinks Zoe was the terrorist in a way that was really weird, which in turn incides mob violence. What could have been really poignant and illustrated the difference in loss--that not only did she lose her daughter but she can't really mourn her in the way that everyone else is because she was the creator of the disaster rather than the victim--and how isolated she is in the world, foreshadowing the far worse terror that their isolation creates, turned out to be just an odd, poorly done moment for the sake of future mob violence. 

    I just don't get their creative choices. I'm rooting for it to get better, but so far meh.

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