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Additional Insurance for Jewlery etc.

yup I'm a PW about insurance. Just trying to take care of things that should have been taken care of long ago :) {hanging head in shame...} I never got an insurance policy on my wedding/E ring but keep thinking about how I should because if I remember correctly my insurance policy includes jewlery up to $2,000 but that is it. My ring isn't worth a ton I'm sure but I have tons of other jewlery in the house too so I know it wouldn't all be covered automatically.

So my question do you have addition policies for other items in your house? How did you go about doing this? Have your ring appraised then call your insurance company to add it? Is it expensive? Anyone NOT have theirs insured? TIA!

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Re: Additional Insurance for Jewlery etc.

  • We have a Valuable Personal Property rider on our homeowners insurance to cover my wedding and engagement rings. The same rider can cover other unusual things you might have such as original artwork, antiques, etc. My insurance company only required a detailed description of the pieces and the price we paid for them. 
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  • We have a rider on our policy for my rings alone. We figure the rest of the jewerly in the house will be covered under the 2k window. If you have expensive pieces just like Moesten stated, i would include those as well. We keep a detailed list of our electronics and the purchase price and dates as well as our kitchen equipment and supplies (this is where dh spends most of his time and money) for replacement purposes.
  • We also have a rider for my rings and it's pretty cheap. I gave them the actual sales receipts but since it was over $5,000 they made me have an appraisal done. I just sent them the appraisal and that was it. I know the rider is less than $100/year, I think it's around $90.00
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  • We got a seperate policy for our expensive jewlery.  We didn't want to get dinged/dropped on our house Ins if anything happened to the jewlery
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  • We have a rider on our homeowner's insurnace. We get a discount on it since we have car and home with them, but we pay around $100-150 for my e-ring and wedding band, which are insured for a pretty large amount.

    We just faxed the appraisal forms on both rings to our insurance company, and that was it.

  • We have a rider on our homeowner's insurance for my e-ring as well.  I think it's around $10 per $1000 a year. 
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