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Home phone and Internet options

Okay ladies...

 I feel like we're getting ROBBED by Cincinnati Bell every month with what we pay for phone and internet.

What are my options out there?  We only use our house for for alarm system monitoring.  We NEVER make calls on it.  Our wireless high-speed internet is super important to us.  Who else is out there that we can use for and doesn't cost a ton?  We live in Morrow/Maineville.


Re: Home phone and Internet options

  • We have everything bundled with Time Warner and the only reason I keep them is I think their internet is faster than Cincy Bell. I KNOW we are getting robbed every month for what we pay for cable/phone/internet, but like I said they have the fastest internet that we have tried so that is why we stay with them. As a new customer you are able to get better deals with TWC so you may give them a call and see if they can do anything for you.

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  • My vote is play them against each other.  Negotiate- because they will.  We were able to slash our bill at work by 50%!
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  • I also need to mention that my husband is not willing to part with DirecTV.  So a bundle with cable is out.
  • We don't have a land line but use TWC RR for Internet.  You can easily call them up and say you're going to cancel b/c competitor (CB) is running a promo of $XX.  They usually reduce your bill for a like 6 mths (after which you could call again if you really wanted...).  I bet CB would do something similar if you tried the reverse.
  • Cincinnati Bell is willing to negotiate as long as you are serious about the switch. I just did this with our wireless. They quoted us one amount and now our bill is like 40 bucks higher. Needless to say, its gone back down.
  • We have roadrunner for internet and then do VOIP with vonage for our home phone. The problem with that is that if the cable goes out, then so does your phone, and thus your alarm system--don't know if that would cause a lot of issues??

    Our cable service doesn't go out that often (we're in Mason), but we set up our vonage account to roll calls to DH's cell if they can't get through.

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  • We did cincy bell and bundled our direct tv, phone and internet through them. We are playing about the same as we did when we were bundled with Time Warner- we are due for a "re-negotiation" call.
  • We use Century Link (formally Embarq) they are amazing. We did have TWC but after multi fights and arguments we had with them. We both love Century Link never had a problem with anything. Our cable is with Dish and we get a $10.00 since Dish works with Century Link. Good Luck.
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