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I've been looking for a job for a while and thought my husband and I would be relocating to Nashville.  Now a job has come up in Memphis that I am very interested in but we are not super thrilled about the area.  I really think I would be happy at the job but have not heard great things about Memphis.  Does anyone have any advise?  Good areas/neighborhoods?  My job would be located in East Memphis. 


Re: Memphis

  • Hey! I currently live in Memphis but I've only been here about 4 years since I moved from Pennsylvania. Overall, I do believe that Nashville is a better place to live and I'm actually trying to move there myself. However, I have enjoyed my time here in Memphis. As long as you live in the right neighborhood, it's actually pretty nice. East Memphis is one of the nicer areas of Memphis too. Here's the rundown on the more decent areas (being stereotypical and not knowing about schools):

    -Cordova is on the eastern side of Memphis and is known for being in a busy mall, shopping, restaurant area. I live here and have been happy. The houses are nice but a lot of them look the same and have small yards. There are exceptions to that rule but housing is pretty affordable and it's a safe area.

    -Germantown is east of east Memphis if that makes sense. It's known for being VERYYY nice with big houses and what not. The joke here is that everyone buys $500,000 homes and $1000 curtains that they close so no one knows that they don't have any furniture haha.

    -Collierville is east of Germantown and is also known for being very nice. Housing is also expensive but I've heard really nice things about the area.

    -Midtown Memphis is known as the artsy kinda of area. Older homes, unique shops (although many are closed now), and what not fill the area.  It's a nice area around Cooper-Young but I know a lot of people who have had break ins there.  

    -University of Memphis area is in between midtown and east Memphis. It's really hit or miss as far as niceness goes because it seems like there are some really beautiful areas and then some bad areas. I rented a house during college here (although not the best neighborhood) and it got broken into.

     Anyway... Memphis is nice in a lot of ways. It has a rich musical history which I love about it and there are really some unique things to do here. The one thing that I really hate and was surprised about here was the racism. So many people here (black and white) are so racist! I don't mean in the sense that there are tons of hate crimes or anything...I just mean it's just an attitude people have here. That's one thing I wish someone would have told me before I came here originally for school.

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  • If you can afford it live in Germantown. ?Collierville would be my second choice.
  • I grew up in Collierville, lived in Cordova last year, and moved to Memphis when we got married. Germantown and Collierville are both very nice and you can find houses for any budget really. My dad's house is actually for sale in Collierville for around 250,000. Best of luck in the job hunt and relocation.
  • I'm a native Memphian and agree with some of the areas listed above for housing recommendations. Another area of Memphis you may want to look into is Walnut Grove from Highland going toward Cordova. That area has very nice homes and stable communities.

    Also - Bartlett is a nice area. It's a suburb of Memphis (like Germantown, Collierville).

    My best advice about finding a home here is to drive the area. I personally wouldn't live in Cordova or Germantown because I don't like the rush hour traffic out of those areas. But since you will be working in East Memphis, that won't be an issue for you.

    image "There's a very simple test to see if something is racist. Just go to a heavily populated black area, and do the thing that you think isn't racist, and see if you live through it." ~ Reeve on the Clearly Racist Re-Nig Bumper Sticker and its Creator.
  • Thanks ladies!!!!  My DH and I are flying out on Thursday and going to spend the weekend driving around and getting a feel for the area. 

    Any suggestions of outdoorsy/music related things we should do?  I'm going to have to make it seem really fun in order to convince my DH we should move there. 

  • Well, it is Elvis Week! haha! I've lived here all my life and never been to Graceland.  

    I wish I could help, but we've become total home bodies lately.

  • Geez! I completely forgot Bartlett!

    Here are some things that are touristy and local: Beale Street, Sun Studio, Shelby Farms, Mud Island, Brooks Museum (They have Andy Warhol stuff right now I think), Gibson Guitar Factory, STAX Museum, Redbirds game, the Zoo...there's so much to do! You can check out www.memphisflyer.com for some ideas on some live music. The Flyer is a free publication put out every Wednesday that you can find in restaurants and stores that tells you about what's going on in Memphis. By the way, if your husband is a beer drinker you guys should go to a Flying Saucer..it will make him want to move here LOL.

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  • We live in Southaven and I work in East Memphis.  Its about a 30 min drive to work.  I like it here.  You should go to a Redbirds game while you are here if ya'll like sports.  I think there is a fireworks show on Fri or Sat.  Shelby Farms is nice when its not smokin hot.  Beale Street can be fun.  Wolfchase mall has great shopping.  lol!  I should be a tour guide!  LOL!
  • I know I'm late to this thread, but I'm curious as to what your decision was. Are you moving to Memphis?

     If you are still trying to decide, I'll put my two cents in... I grew up in Cordova. About 10-15 years ago, Cordova was a nice area. It's gone downhill alot over  the past few years. Plus the traffic is horrible! I recently bought a house in Oakland, TN, it's about 20 mins east of Cordova. It's quiet and has a small town feel to it. The prices of homes range from $100,000 to $1 million. So you can pretty much take your pick. I work west of East Memphis and it takes about an hour to get to work, but definitely worth it.

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