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Anyone have the world's best purse?

I'm in need of the most awesome purse in the world.  I hate purse shopping.  I'm a compartment gal who needs organization in her purse.  I have big, small, medium and teeny tiny purses and none of them do the trick for me.  How do you get the best all-in-one purse so that you don't have to change them out all the time? 

When I travel, I like to take this one big purse as it'll hold all my travel stuff in it.  But then I don't want to carry it around when I'm out and about so I end up taking a smaller purse too.  When I go out with friends for an all day adventure, I want to take my small purse but then it won't hold my camera, makeup and other essentials either. 

And how do you combat the blue vs brown purse?  I tend to stick with black microfiber as I feel it's my safest bet and I own mostly black clothing.

UGH!  Any suggestions? Do you love your purse?

Re: Anyone have the world's best purse?

  • I only carry one purse, and it took me FOREVER to find a purse I was happy with.  I don't carry a lot of stuff, but I like a very specific organizer type purse.  I wanted something that had a separate section up front for credit cards, cash, receipts, ID, etc, but this section had to be easily accessible which proved VERY difficult to find. Finding a bag that had a long strap was essential too. I really wanted one that had both a strap and carry handles, but I realized I'd never find that. I have this purse:

    I have never loved a purse before, nor did I ever see myself spending that kind of money on a purse, but it was worth every penny.  This purse is perfect, for me.  The center section holds my digital camera and phone, the organizer is perfect.  The zippered section holds my minimal makeup. The back pocket holds business cards and there's still an interior pocket to spare.  Honestly, I just adore this purse.  I have the black purse with red flap and it makes me happy every time I see it!  Gosh, what a purse dork!

    I will say that I couldn't care less if my purse matches my clothing, and I don't travel, so YMMV.

  • I must admit, I love vera bradley purses. (Flame away people I don't care:) ) I do not like the hipster. While it is deep enough, it is not wide enough and I can't get everything in.

    The main reason I love vera is all the pockets. There is a big blow out sale the end of april begining of may that we go to, very good deals. if you want to look in the stores, Polaris and Worthington Malls both have luggage stores that sell it.
  • I'm a handbag ho, so I don't know what to say about the needing one purse for all purposes.  I don't even know how many I own, but given that my grandmother has over 50, I believe that it's genetic.  That said, 9West has some great bags that come with organizer stuff in them (and Filene's Basement, TJMaxx and DSW generally carry them for about half off the sticker price) and are also super cute. 
    Mother's Day, 2011
  • I love vera too! 

    Curio Cabinet in Worthington is having a trunk sale in August (20%) off.

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