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platinum weddings.

ohmygawd. am i the only loser watching this right now. i don't know what their names are, i've been listening to it from the other room, but i walked in to see her dress. $20k on a dress? Really? now i'm going to sit here and watch the rest of it- doing my hair will have to wait.Tongue Tied

oh- her name is Mary Beth Fay


Re: platinum weddings.

  • Oh, I can't stand that show.  Even when we were engaged and I was obsessed with all things wedding I couldn't watch that show. 

    The amount of excess and waste just boggles my mind!  So unnecessary.

  • I used to get a little bit upset when I watched the show.  Only because I felt like I missed out on a lot of things that I would have liked to have at my wedding.  But now actually HAVING the wedding, I couldn't see spending a lot of money of certain things.  Especially since I don't remember most of the wedding.
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  • I couldn't even watch the commercial, much less the entire show! Holy cow, that's ridiculous.
  • I'm a glutton for this show. It amazes me how much $$$ can be spent on a wedding, and all the details that are done--these wedding are so amazing. And yes, some of the brides are so over-the-top it's too much.

    Yes, again, a glutton. I hate to admit I'm excited for the new season that starts Sunday. *blush*

  • Ugh, I tried to watch that show once.  It was a particularly obnoxious bride (who looked to be about 2 years older than her new stepdaughter, if even that much) and she pi$$ed me off.  No more Platinum Weddings for me!!
  • The wedding turned out to be gorgeous, but wow... I watched about 3 of them. The last one I watched the couple left their wedding in a helicopter. LOL REALLY?
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