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dog owner question...

How many hours do you feel comfortable letting your dog go without going outside?  Either when you aren't home or overnight.
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Re: dog owner question...

  • In an emergency my dogs have gone 10 hours but I'm only really comfortable with up to about 8 hours. 
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  • image Stac928:
    In an emergency my dogs have gone 10 hours but I'm only really comfortable with up to about 8 hours. 

    This.  And if at all possible during the day, I let them out after 6 hours.

  • Emergency - up to 10-11 hours.  Normally around 8-9.


  • Overnight, my dogs will often choose to go 11-12 hours.  They don't like to go outside at night if it is cold and might not even go when I take them out, and if I am not working, I let them sleep in in the morning.  By the time I make them get their lazy butts outside, (again, if it is cold they aren't interested in going outside or even getting up), it is sometimes close to 12 hours.

    During the day I won't leave them longer than eight hours if I am in town, but I have left them longer when we were oot during the day and didn't get back early.  If I think that may be a possibility, I make sure that they get plenty of bathroom breaks the day before and once we are home.

  • I admit there have been one or two Saturdays when DH and I overslept and she went 10 hours overnight without going out.  She really really had to go when we took her out in the morning, but no accidents in the crate.  DH has been working from home since we got the puppy so he's there during the day most of the time to let her out.  The longest I think she's been in the crate during the day was 5-6 hours (she's 6 months old).
  • about 9 hours although apache can go far longer. last night we had to sleep at my mom's house and he was fine for the 19hrs we were gone. we brought the puppy with us since she definately can't wait that long. i felt so bad...
    [IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG]

  • Usually about 10 hours while we're at work, but they can hold it much longer while we are sleeping (12 hours or so).
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  • I don't like to make them wait more than 10 hours, but they CAN hold it about 12 hours.
  • They never usually have to hold it at all since I run my business out of my house and I am always home, but when we're sleeping they go about 8 or 9 hours. If it's raining out, Bruschi has been known to hold it for up to 12 hours because he refuses to go out in the rain. He's SUCH a big baby.
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