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Cat help

Overnight, my cat has turned into quite the aggressive kitty. I don't know what happened. She is off the wall. She tried to attack my legs twice and she is really really hyper.

I went out and when I got home she was sleeping on the couch and actually let me pet her but she is a maniac right now. Is this normal? Am I doing something wrong? I feel a bit helpless right now because I don't know what to do to calm her down.

And I feel like a bad pet owner for being so in distress just 6 days into this.

Re: Cat help

  • It seems rather normal.

    Our cats chase each other and run around randomly chasing nothing. We call it "chasing phantoms" because they are obviously chasing or running from something we can't see. I wouldn't worry too much about it. It sounds like she's just being playful.

    Now if she won't let you near her and is hissing, growling, attacking you deliberately, then I would be worried.

    Also, she might still be in the playful kitten stage which of course dpends on her age.

    Then again, some cats are just picky when they want to be touched, petted, etc. I wouldn't worry.

  • my cats (1 and 2 years old) do the exact same thing. don't worry at all! like pp said, unless she's actually hissing at you or anything like that, she's just playing. does she have any friends she can play with? ok, that sounded like a crazy cat lady. i mean do you have any other animals she can rough house with? if not, she probably just needs to get her hyperness (yes, pretty sure i made that word up) out by playing. my cats take out a lot of aggression on their cat tree, and they LOVE playing with a laser pointer or flashlight (both which require my participation). for christmas my mom got them a toy like this:  

    it's been a life saver. now when they drive me crazy i just turn the laser thing on and they leave me alone...well, you know, for about 5 minutes, lol. 

  • How old is she?

    She could be just be fysty.

    Do you have some kitty catnip? While that makes the cat looney for a bit, it will calm them down and relax.

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  • It's fairly normal.

    Lucy used to pounce on our legs when we'd walk around the house and gets really wild and crazy at night. You kind of have to let her know who is boss. (Humanely, of course.) So offer lots of toys to pounce on as alternatives, have a water spray bottle handy... stuff like that.

  • She is just 7 months so she is in prime kitten stage right now. She loves to play and play hard. I think she has just found her comfort spot in the house and feels comfortable playing with everything.

    She is taking her usual 1-4 nap right now (she has taken a nap during this time period everyday!) and I know when she wakes up, she will be back on her feet running around.

    She doesn't hiss at me and I can see that she is just playing but I don't want her to think it is ok to come at me like that. She has lots of toys and has fun running around the house. She was so clingy the first two days and now she is being more independent. I just have to remember that cats are independent!!

    Thanks for the reassurance! I appreciate it!

  • It seems normal to me. Our cat does the same thing, DH always laughs when Mr. gets energy bursts and says he must of taken Kitty crack! This normally happens after he has had a long nap and last about 20 mins, then he crashes back out again. GL!
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  • out kitten is a month older than yours and this sounds totally normal  he loves to wrestle and play and pounce.  moving feet are a favorite target, anything moving under covers, etc.  he likes to wrestle so drew and i use a glove.  when we're wearing the glove he knows he's no holds barred.  drew has trained him so that he's much, much gentler when there's no glove, but he goes nuts when we do have the glove on.  he also loves the laser pointer.  you can train him out of really unacceptable behavior but part of being a kitten is being really rambunctious.  he'll grow out of it soon enough, so don't be too hasty to make every bit of his pouncing and stalking off limits. 
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  • I don't want her to loose her playfulness! I just need to be on guard during that time and know that she is still learning. I laid down on the couch and she snuggled up next to me and then crawled on top of me and slept for a bit so I think we are ok now!
  • Yup Normal... I call it "jungle cat mode" I try to play with him with toys during that time so he knows that my hands/legs  *aren't toys GL ! 
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  • Our cats went through that stage (they still behave like that sometimes and they're 4!)

    One thing that I did - because Kipper (the boy kitty) liked to bite when he played and he would go from playing to "ok I'm finished, leave me the alone" without warning - was that if he put his teeth on my I pulled my hand out of his mouth and popped him on the forehead/nose.  Not hard enough to hurt, but enough so that he knew NO BITING. We still play and cuddle - but he does not bite me.

    Also - once you find the magic toy, make sure you get more than one. Polly has a feather thing that we call her lovely (seriously - she snuggles) and Kipper has these little fuzzy catnip balls - they will both wander through the house with their respective lovey in their mouth and cry until we play with them. It's darling.

    The more she's around, the more her "personality" will come out and you'll get even sappier about her ;-)

     Also - unsolicited advice:

    1) play with her paws early and often. This will make it easier for you to trim them, which you'll want to do. Cats don't like having their paws messed with, so the sooner she gets used to it, the better off you'll all be.

    2) Carry her around enough so that if there were an emergency you don't have to worry about your cat that can't be carried (also, they're fun to pick up and snuggle) Ours have enough patience to be carried for what we assume is long enough to get them out of the house if there's a fire. I'm good with that.


    Happy New Kitty!

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  • She's got the kitty crazies! Totally normal. (And yep, our 4-year-old still does this). A vet once told me in response to another cat attacking my legs just to make sure they know you are the boss. Yell, swat them away, whatever it takes to make sure they understand you are in charge of the situation (within reason, of course).
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