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How to train our dogs for our new arrival

Our dogs have the habit of running into the house as soon as the door opens. They both charge towards the sofa where I am normaly sitting, so they can get the best petting seat. Know that I'm expecting I'm concerned that if I have the baby laying on the sofa that they will run in and jump on the baby forgetting that a little one is laying there, so for the last week, I have have stoped them from jumping on the sofa, in hopes that they understand that the sofa is off limits now. My question is can they be trained not to jump on the sofa anymore, or is it too late? What can I do to get them off the sofa?

Re: How to train our dogs for our new arrival

  • Boot camp - no one is allowed on the furniture at all ever.  You could work really hard to train them to only come up on furniture on command, but it is much easier to just consistently make everything off limits (bed, couches, etc.).  Practice sitting on the sofa and using a command to stop them mid-charge, or have someone step on their leashes when they get too close, or you can try a squirt bottle.  The key is to make sure they stay off the sofa even if you are sitting on it and that you can do it without using your hands (because they will often be full of baby).  
    You can also practice a "wait" at the door - they have to stop in the doorway before they can proceed into the house.  You may have to work on this individually before they can do it together. 
    We had to do this too, and while the dogs sometimes try to sneak on the furniture when we are not looking, they respond well to "off" and they don't try to jump up next to us and the baby.  
    It seems mean, but there are so many people whose dogs and newly mobile babies have negative interactions because the dogs get possessive of the couch, or the dogs jump off the couch and land on the baby in a bouncer on the floor, etc.   
  • They are definitely still trainable. I won't be putting our LO on the floor, because our pug runs laps like crazy. We will have to use a pack a play for tummy time. But I have been training our dogs that they can not get in the glider with me anymore, because I am sure I will be using it a lot. 
    [url=""][img] [/img][/url]
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