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G isn't feeling well and a question

G has had the big D (only liquid) for the last 24 hours.  She's asked to go out about 10 times in the last 12 hours resulting in liquid poop.  We fed her her normal dinner last night about 6pm and no breakfast this morning.  For dinner tonight we fed her boiled hamburger, rice, and a little sweet potato.

As I posted earlier, my inlaws lost their golden retriever on Monday night.  We were there as was G.  Holly had multiple seizures at home and died at the e-vet, probably from a heart attack or maybe cancer (Crying).  My question is, is there something that G could have picked up from Holly in her final days/during her seizures?  I know Holly did pee all over the floor during her seizures, but I am unsure of what else (I was in the other room with G trying to keep her out of the middle of it).  I'm hoping it's just something off with her/her food and not something else.

As a side note, G was extra lovely with my FIL (Holly was his BFF).  Dogs are awesome Yes

Re: G isn't feeling well and a question

  • I don't know the answer to your question, but I am sending T&Ps that Miss G feels better soon!
    They see us rollin'...they be hatin'.
  • Thanks!  She's still trying to put the ball in my lap to play with me, so I think she feels OK, but her poo is just complete liquid.  Hopefully a few days away from kibble will do the trick...


  • What color is the poop?  I highly doubt your dog caught anything from a dog having seizures and such.

    I would take a fecal sample to vet so they can test for parasites like Giardia or worms.  If the liquid poop continues to the point that the dog is deyhdrated, ie, you pick up the skin on nape of neck and it sticks together and doesnt go quickly back into place or gums are white.  Then dog needs to go to vet or evet for sub cutanious fluids.

    Lucky the dog is still able to ask to go out, my dogs usually have accidents in house with that type of diarreah.

  • The last poo that I saw was kind of pea-green in color.  She has pooped since then but I haven't looked at it (just saw it squirting out from her butt - ew).  I know to look for dehydration and such and if it's still liquid tomorrow we will be visiting the e-vet (regular vet not open tomorrow).

    G would rather die than go inside...


  • Poor girl.  That's no way to ring in the new year.  She may have just picked up a virus and been susceptible to it from the stress (even if she was having a blast) of the visit.   Try not to worry about it too much for now as long as she isn't acting strange (besides squirting liquid!) and is drinking. 
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  • I will try not to worry.  Is 48 hours of liquid poo enough to warrant a vet visit, even she is acting normal otherwise?


  • From what you've described I probably wouldn't take her in just yet.  I wouldn't feed her anytime soon though, except for maybe water or diluted broth, since her system needs time to heal. 

    imageimage Run Fast, Run Clean! Dog is my Mantra
  • Hmm....we did feed her dinner around 6, but maybe I will not feed her breakfast tomorrow morning depending on how she does.  So far she hasn't asked to go out, yet....


  • Oh, I misread your post.  I thought she had been continuing with loose stools after you fed her dinner.  It's good that she hasn't had to go out since dinner.  Hopefully that will continue! 
    imageimage Run Fast, Run Clean! Dog is my Mantra
  • I hope she feels better soon!
    My sweet boy
  • I'm the queen of overreaction - I woke up to B with diarrhea covering his crate on Wednesday, and I called off work that same day to take him to the vet.  He had completely liquid diarrhea (including some blood) all day Wednesday - so much so that I had trouble getting a sample.  The vet gave us flagyl and a probiotic (I had to request the probiotic).  The diarrhea was gone by Wednesday evening. 

    I'm starting to mix kibble back in with his bland diet.

    I hope G is ok!

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