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5yo dog peeing in crate??

We have a 5 year old beagle.  He was always crate trained, then since he's been older we have just left him loose in the house. In the past 6 months or so has decided that when he isn't happy about us leaving him alone (usually at night) he will pee on our couch, or on his dog bed.  These are not accidents, if he has an accident it's by the door. I realize that this is a dominance thing.

So the privelage of roaming free has been taken away from him and now he gets crated when we are out.  Which isn't often because I work from home, but still it's usually evenings when we are out together, which he doesn't like. He gets his kong with PB and away we go.

Well today I came home and he peed in his crate.  I was gone all of 15 mins and he had JUST been outside and gone.


Is he rebelling? Could he be sick? Could he be developing separation anxiety?  I know that beagles are common with SA and we have had fosters with SA.  Could he be lonely without a foster here?


Re: 5yo dog peeing in crate??

  • Has he been checked for a UTI?
  • It's not a dominance thing it is either a health problem (a UTI and you have to specifically ask them to check for that a general exam won't find it) or an anxiety thing.  For anxiety I suggest I'll Be Home Soon by Patricia McConnell.
    A Spring Day on the Katy Trail
  • Ok thanks.

    I kind of figured it was anxiety related.  He has also taken to running around barking AT us when we get home too.  We used to think it was cute.

    He needs to go in soon anyways, so I will ask them to check for a UTI.

    I was curious if it had anything to do with dominance, because with the cold weather we haven't been walking him everyday, and that's when he generally starts other bad habits out of boredom like chewing things.

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