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TLC's "One Big Happy Family"

Just the other day, I read a post about how TLC is obsessed with little people and extremely large families...well here you go people...now TLC has another show about a family that is extremely obese and I guess happy about it? So heres my personal opinion about weight...you cant really be that happy about your weight if you're close to 400 lbs and honestly, its nothing to be proud about..just my opinion.

Re: TLC's "One Big Happy Family"

  • I only saw about 5 mins. of the show, but I thought they were trying to lose some weight.
  • i watched it last night... they are all trying to lose weight and point out the challenges of being obese.  The daughter is so spoiled! 
  • I saw the previews and didn't think it painted a very good picture of their lifestyle nor indicated that they wanted to lose wait, I am glad that it sounds like the actual episode showed them making more healthy decisions


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  • Atleast they are trying, but the preview doesnt make it seem that way. Its painting the picture of "fat and proud" when in my eyes its a horrible way to live your life. There is no reason to be like that. Maybe thats harsh on my part.
  • I was skeptical of the previews too, but glad the show was different

    I kind of get the feeling mom and son know they are over weight, but daughter and father are ignoring the fact and having fat pride.  That girl weighs close to three times what I do!  Thank god the doctor told her she was SUPER obese and there were no other classifications beyond that for obese people.

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