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We can't decide on a name :-(

DH and I figured we had at least 4 more weeks to think about this baby coming, but after 5 hours at Mt. Carmel last night, we're starting to think we might make an early appearance.  And now we're questioning our name choice.  We had decided on Dominic James.  Dominic's a name on my mom's side of the family, and James is DH's first name (he uses his middle name).  But I'm worried his family will call him DJ (they're known to do things like that).  This morning I suggested Nathan James, which we've always kind of liked.  So now we're stuck.  We like them both.  DH is worried that people will be upset because we've already told people who have asked that the baby's name in Dominic.  
So which do you like?  Dominic or Nathan?
I could post this on BOTB, I know, but I feel more comfortable on this board.  :-)

Re: We can't decide on a name :-(

  • I've always liked the name Nathan. If you're that stuck, put both names in a hat and draw!

    Good luck!

  • I prefer Nathan, b/c I've always liked the name.  But Dominic's great too!  I know we have 1 baby Dominic on here and I think another girl is due soon with one??

    I also like James Dominic  :)

    But you definitely should go with your heart on this one.  A lot of people decide after they've seen their baby - which I think is a great idea.  And don't worry about changing the name.  My brother + SIL had Magdalene Grace picked out for like 4 years for their 2nd girl and then they named her Monica Mary!
  • Ooh, ooh, I love baby names!

    I have to say, I had the SAME thoughts when we were tossing around boy names, because my DH uses his middle name and shares James as their first names. And I SO did not want the DJ or anything J nickname.

    So I vote Nathan James, and I really actually like it a lot! People will soon forget about the Dominic thing. You have the right to change before the baby comes! I would just say that when you saw your baby, he looked like a Nathan to you. story end.

  • Both are great names. 

    In your situation, I would choose Dominic, because it seems to have a lot more meaning for you if its a family name and Nathan is not. Your ILs will very likely find an annoying nickname (Nate? Nat? Naty?) no matter what name you choose, if thats the kind of people you are.

  • They're both very nice strong names. ;)  I wouldn't worry about what family or friends think, even if you do decide to change your mind on the name.  This baby is yours and you should name him whatever you'd like. ;)  Chances are good that your child's going to get stuck with a nick name, whether you like it or just seems to happen that way.  But you can definitely try to combat one while he's a little tyke.  Go with which ever name is more important to you.  Maybe it could be a "game time" decision? GL!
  • I like Nathan James.

    But like someone else said, it doesn't matter what you name him, SOMEONE will give him a nickname.  I didn't think Ethan could have that many...but believe me, there are plenty.

    (My personal favorite is Ethanopian...which they've shortened to "Opie"  WTF?)
  • Well of course I choose Dominic :) I understand about the nn thing; I didn't want one.  Aren't you worried about Nate? or is Nate ok?  Personally I think as long as you told people his name is "dominic" not "dominic james" most of the time, people won't even know to call him by his middle name, but I"m sure you know your family :)  GL  and congrats soon!!!!

    image image image
  • Oh and maybe you know this already, but I liked Dominic b/c it meant "gift from God" which perfectly describes him to me.  And, it also means "born on Sunday", and wouldn't you know it...he was born on a Sunday morning.  It was definitely meant to be for us.  Maybe that would be a deciding factor, if he was born on a Sunday or not, lol?
    image image image
  • They will only call him DJ if you let them.  :)

    If somebody refers to him as something other than Dominic, correct them.  It's not that hard.  "My son's name is Dominic, not DJ.  Please do not call him that."

    Name that baby what you and your husband want and like, not what you are worried that other people will change or NOT like.  This is your child, sweetie!
  • both are great names... maybe you just wait until he's born and then see which one "fits"??

    Good luck!  We've narrowed our names list down to about 9 names, but it's so hard!

    : )


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